Prison and Oblit

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Let's say an evil Necromancer, say Tieran, gets caught and brought to the circle for an obliteration.
The ritualist prepared all the components and the scroll, removed everything else from the circle, and started the ritual.

Tieran breaks free in the last 20 seconds, realizes he can't take out the caster or escape the circle of power, and puts himself into a Prison.

The question for the ARC is: What happens to the Oblit? Does it affect Tieran thru the Prison, does it dissipate with no target, cycle back to the caster, or 'pull immediately from the backlashes'?

My first thought is, he got 'captured' to get the loot of the Scrolls and Comps.


As updated by the Addendum text (gotta check there closely first!), casting the Prison will not do anything to affect the ritual. However, since the target was validly declared in the first 30 seconds of the ritual as per the formal casting rules, and the target has not left the circle since they were designated, the Obliterate ritual will still succeed.

If the target were unable to be touched in the first 30 seconds, an automatic backlash would occur as per the formal casting rules.

-Bryan Gregory
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