Due to resources being desperately needed in other areas, the Duchy has sent out criers to disseminate information instead of newsletters.​

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Citadel of Cil Cilurian has fallen to the forces of Nictus. During a massive attack which happened in multiple locations, it was discovered that the main strike was against the Capital of Cil Cilurian. During a daring rescue performed by member of various knights and former members of the Court of Blythedale, it was discovered that the Queen herself was dragged into shadows as well as many notable other knights.

The heroes of Blythedale were however able to rescue High Marshal Hayden Romwing, Head of the Order of the Gryphon. Dame Hayden, as the ranking noble in the kingdom of Icenia, has assumed leadership of what is left of Icenia and until Cil Cilurian’s defenses can be rebuilt, and a more information on the fate of the Queenha s been obtained. Until the security of Cil Cilurian has been restored, Dame Hayden Romwing has moved control of the Kingdom to Ashbury City.

Here Ye, Here Ye!

All Hail the Heroes of Blythedale. While the Kingdom has lost its Monarch, these heroes have successfully returned the Watchstone of Blythedale to full power. Passing several tests given to them by the Watchstone each became a Guardian. The results of said efforts have restored unto Ashbury the Lands of Blythedale. Dame Readella Taurason, with the blessing former Baron Sir Garathon Von Storm, has been named the Regent of Blythedale to conduct the reclamation of the territory by Dame Hayden Romwing.

It was also discovered that a small outlying pocket of Blythedale citizenry was kept safe by the power of the Watchstone. This ragtag group of citizenry was lead by Sir Khorwyn Brey and Sir Garathon Von Storm while they thought the entire Kingdom had been lost. It is with great joy that we welcome these citizens back to Ashbury. Hopefully with the reactivation of other Watchstones in the other Baronies we can reconnect with the lost citizens, but until the Nordenn Watchstone is activated Dame Hayden has redirected some resources to work on cutting a path to the Barony.

Hear ye. Hear ye,

It has come to the attention of the Nobility of a new adventuring group calling themselves the Swingers has performed some notable activity while assisting in the Estate of Dragonhart. While the estate was under the effects of what is being called Wounds in Time, they were still felt it was their duty to rescue people who were being enslaved by the Swords of Lore.

Sir Jonothan Dragonheart spent some time with these rescued slaves after the wounds were closed and discovered an unusual aspect to these individuals. They all seem to come from a Blythedale where Galanthia was never repelled from Blythedale from the first time they invaded Ashbury. Despite the fact they seem to be from an alternative timeline, some force, possibly the Watchstone itself, kept these individuals from fading out when the Wound was closed. All the rescued citizenry, roughly 100 in total, will be helping restore the Estate of Dragonhart under the direction of Rowan of Blythedale.

The Nobility of Ashbury would like to thank these valiant new heroes and hope to hear of more deeds by them in the near future!

Hear ye, Hear ye:

To all adventurers and Nobles interested in seeing the Duchy of Ashbury and the Kingdom of Icenia restored, your presence is requested by Sir Jonothan Dragonheart Vardik to gather in the estate of Blackbourne. Be aware this area is to be considered dangerous due to the phenomenon deemed Wounds In Time. It has been observed large groups of trolls that have been long gone in the territory of Corrheim have been moving in an out of the territory. This is despite the odd properties that Blackbourne has displayed to keep Trolls from entering that estate.
It is the hope of the remaining nobility that the Watchstone of Corrheim will also be activated with the same results seen in Blythedale.