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  1. Hi there, my name is Kris and I want to larp so bad its hurting me. I don't have any experience with larp but I have a long career in D&D and some acting experience as well. I have a few characters in mind to play but they might actually be a little too far-fetched. Also I am confused about the process of signing up to play, and curious about the schedule for 2019. Is there anyone who can help me out on any of these issues?
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    The schedule will be announced in January but we do have a banquet focused roleplay one day on January 13th full details will be announced in a couple weeks. It would be a great time to come out and meet people and start working out the character.

    Contact to start talking character concepts and such.
  3. Sounds perfect! Who do I talk to about costs and memberships?
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    There is no cost until you come out to play for the first time, there will be a membership fee for next season ($20) but it will be waved as long as you attend one of the volunteer hangout days where we do various tasks the chapter needs. (Logistics and Craft Prep Day or 2.0 Conversion Day in this case) OR hold a staff position OR attend the opener of the season and live out of state.

    The first weekend event a new player attends is free save for 10 bucks for food. You can do a donation to start building up the character to have more build. That and other things can be explained in email.

    Send an email to for more info or with questions not relating to plot.
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