Prosthetics HELP


I’m a qualified make up artist and have experience of using hot foam prosthetics. I’m working on a production of beauty & the beast on ice. The beast is proving to be a problem. I can’t glue anything to his face as he’s the prince at the beginning and end so whatever I use needs to be quick. The producer doesn’t want a full mask with hair/beard as he’s doing lots of jumps and spins and he could end up not being able to see. His voice is all pre recorded so he just mimes all the way through. Any advice ? I’ve found a website called fx warehouse which sell a unpainted slush latex mask. It states that it’s “not designed to be glued on” and they recommend “securing it with Velcro”.It’s just the mask (I’m I right in thinking that it’s latex so it will be floppy and bendy, or is it rock hard without any flexibility?) so I’ll need to glue crepe hair, or beard to it, you can glue that to latex ? I’m not very experienced when it comes to prosthetics, and hoping someone can help me, it’s giving me a headache. The producer will not allow me to have a double either so he can be the beast all the way through, if that was case he’d be having hot foam glued to his face ! Any help I’d really appreciate x