Protective Set


Hypothetical Situation:
You are traveling to an unknown land. You can equip 10 cloaks. What do you choose?

Thought this would be fun to see if there is a common set or if it varies based on style. Please include character class that your cloak set would be for (would like to see that variation, too).


Groups with "nasty takeout" stuff, from "most common" to "least common" in my experience:
Eldritch Force

Groups with "kinda rude but not as bad" or "really rare" stuff:
Greater Command (Terror is pretty rare)
Curse (Paralysis is uncommon at best, and the other Curses aren't takeout effects)
Summoned Force

Race matters - Elves of various sorts should already have Resist Commands, Dwarves/Hoblings/Sarr probably don't care as much about Alteration (given its main delivery is Poison), Ogres are pretty cool against Necromancy, and Dryads can hopefully forego more Binding protectives.

So for a human of any given class, I'd take (in this order from "most preferred" to "least preferred"):

Eldritch Force
Greater Command (Terror is pretty rare)
Curse (Paralysis is uncommon at best, and the other Curses aren't takeout effects)
Summoned Force

If I'm especially tough (lots of armor and a high-level fighter) I might swap out the Evocation for another Gift.

The only time I'd want something significantly different from the above is if I'm in a golem (with no purchased immunities). In that case it turns into:

Cloak Eldritch Force x5
Cloak Binding x2
Cloak Curse x1
Cloak Greater Command x1
Cloak Summoned Force x1



Chicago Staff
From an Healer standpoint not including racial resist:

x2 Cloak Gift
x1 Cloak Curse
x3 Cloak Necro
x2 Cloak Command
x2 Cloak Binding
Takeouts are highest up on my list. While other cloaks can be useful, a cloak against something like binding or necro is never 'needed'. You could have an activate (which are often easier to obtain) that can 'fix' the same problem.

Total takeouts are: Prison, Death, Paralysis, Dominate/Charm, Sleep, Feeblemind. (Yes Terror and Enslavement but those are far more rare in my experience.)

3x Cloak Gift
3x Command
2x Curse
1x Eldritch Force
1x Alteration

Of all of those Gift is one of the most popular and hardest for 'friends' to fix so several cloak gift is always nice. I've listed those affect groups in order I consider them important in a void. Command is next because its the most 'common' take out after gift. Paralysis is a take out and silence sucks even if you aren't a caster you can no longer activate magic items. Eldritch Force and Alteration are less common but nice to have one-offs for.

But like Polare said, 5x Eldritch Force and possibly more if one was in a golem. E-Force starts becoming close to the only thing that matters if you have enough healing.
That's hard to answer independently of knowing what else you have available. If I had my full compliment of spell shields/poison shields, for example, that changes what I choose to guard against.


Chief Technology Officer
Raleigh Staff
To answer the above question, I would take the below assuming none of my other defensive abils (high magic etc.)

2x Death
2x Eldritch Force
2x Alteration
2x Command
2x Binding

I'm mostly a healer, so my goal is to be able to pop a cloak to save from a double tap/preserve a spell shield when 2 spells are in the air.

A side note, assuming none of my "cloak wall" items are available, this is what I like to prep.

2x Cloak Death 1x Cloak Eldritch Force
2x Bane Eldritch Force (for prisons)

Or some combination there of perhaps 1 bane of each and a mix of cloaks.


4-6x Magic Purifies

Spell shields and poison shields fill out the rest.

The reason is, usually if I get webbed by a big bad, I get 4 to the face, not one (spell shield) not two (Possibly recast spell shield) but 4, so I'd rather spell shield, eat all 3 of the rest, then purify myself out. Clearly this doesn't work for Death/Prison.

The big catch here is my personal healer toon has what is known as a stupid amount of Formal, so the 8 points to prep magic purifies isn't as big as it might otherwise feel.
Yeah, Magic Purify or activates of Purify or Release or a few other possibilities (even Prison) make a difference in planning. Honestly, in some cases you choose 4x Gift 4x Necro 2x Ice, wait for the liche and say "Don't hold me back, I got this."


Alteration and Curse. 5 of each. I get hit by gasses and Silence (and sometimes paralysis) constantly. And when my primary was human, sleeps and dominates/charms. Now that she's a mwe, those come at me much less. If I didn't have the resist commands, it'd be a three way split.

If I was ever to put her in a construct, it would be against Summoned Force and Eldritch Force.

As a celestial caster, those are my big takeouts... if I'm getting hit by much else, it means our group is doing something wrong, or I'm up against something I shouldn't be.