[.11] Purifying/Draining strike


Pretty sure the answer is going to be yes but the question still begs asking. Is “Weapon Strike Drain” necromancy?
Yes, if channeled through Draining Strike, it's Necromancy.


I’d agree with you if the call was Spell Strike Drain/Purify. But it is a weapon strike which are not even supposed to be magic. It is moderately ambiguous like calling 1.3 alchemical cause damage stuff necromancy.
There is nothing ambiguous about 1.3 Alchemical Cause Damage. It is explicitly not a necromantic effect. That is part of the reason that it is called "Cause <X> Damage" as opposed to "Cause <X> Wounds." The change in name was supposed to help prevent confusion.

An effect does not have to be magical in order to be necromantic. That has been true since back in the NERO days. Carrier attacks, for example, aren't magical. However, if a creature is swinging "2 Disease" then the creature is channeling necromancy. Heck, theoretically, if a creature had a packet attack that was "Wither Limb Poison" that would also be necromantic. I've never seen that, but the rules allow it and necromancy is identifiable by the key word "Wither Limb" in the effect.



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My IG explanation for carriers or weapon-delivered effects like this:

1) Yeah, they’re magical.

2) The magic remains latent until the weapon hits the victim, at which point it activates, infecting the victim.

3) It bypasses Spell Shields by getting “underneath” them. Spell shields float out past our bodies; these things don’t activate until they’re on our bodies.


Also, from a thematic point of view, unlike poisons, a requirement for Draining Strike is to be heavily tied to magic first.