Queen Pavia's Declaration of 523

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I bring you these words on behalf of her Majesty, Queen Pavia Gavar, Queen of Gavaria,

To the People of Gavaria,

The early years of a monarch’s rule are often the most trying, and the same holds true for me. I recognize that I am the youngest of Gavaria’s rulers, but I am ready to step into the role and make my nation and those that came before me proud. Communing with my ancestors through the power of the Crown of Ancestors is more challenging than I had anticipated, but it is also a great boon to lean on the wisdom of my predecessors. While their counsel is available to me, though, I am by no means bound to their will. Some of my ancestors made triumphs, while just as many others have made foolish mistakes. Following in any of their exact footsteps may lead to greatness or to failure in equal measure, and that is a risk I cannot take. I must learn from what they have done, discern the right from the wrong, and forge a new path of my own that I know will lead to the prosperity and wellbeing of my people.

For too long, Gavaria has slowly drifted apart from itself, feeling almost as though its Duchies were becoming five separate nations and not one unified kingdom. I intend to change that.

Each Duchy faces its own challenges, and they have each faced them alone as the Crown stood back and watched from afar. But no longer. The story of my reign will be one of benevolence, guidance, and assistance.

We have already made great strides towards the wellbeing of our kingdom as the prosperity of Cinem, our nation’s breadbasket, is restored and can feed our people again. I offer my sincerest thanks to the community of Atupal, both the local Gavarians and those that traveled here from lands beyond, for the work they accomplished in dealing with the conflict that threatened to leave our people hungry.

That same prosperity can be enjoyed by all Duchies, and I intend to see it happen. The road ahead of us may not be easy or quick, but I have confidence that together, we can make strides that we have not been able to make alone. You have my promise: Gavaria will no longer drift into separate kingdoms, but come together as one.

-Kingsley Rutherford, Royal Scribe
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