I have a couple of questions.

1) What is the difference between a spell parry and a cloak

2) Can a spell parry be applied to a shield?

Thanks for all your help!! :)


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
Hi Angie!

Both of them protect against incoming effects, but do so in different ways (for reference, the exact text of both can be found here: Here's the short version:

- Spell Parry: Must be cast on a weapon (no shields, sorry :( ). You can use it to stop any one magic (meaning, a spell, or something thrown with the "Magic" or "Spell" keywords) attack on yourself or another person within weapon's reach. To do so, you have to have the weapon out and legally in use (meaning, you can't be holding a 2H weapon in 1H), and you have to have a Parry skill available (which gets used with the Spell Parry).

- Cloak: Can be cast on any item. You can use it to stop any one specific attack on yourself that fits the "type" of Cloak. Each Cloak works for one effect group - like Binding, or Gift (meaning Death spells, really), or Eldritch Force, or whatever type it's made for - the ritual scroll lists exactly what can be picked.

Both of them work once per day for each one you have.