[.11] Quibbling about Quivers and Enhanced Quiver


The 1.3 quiver rules are:
"Quivers: An archer may not have more arrow or bolt tags on them than they have room for in their quivers. One quiver may hold up to 20 arrows or bolts. A quiver is defined as any pouch or container whose dimensions are a minimum volume of 64" with no dimension small than 1". A foam phys rep of a quiver may also be used. For each multiple of the maximum quiver volume, a quiver can hold an additional 20 arrows or bolts. You may carry as many quivers as you are able."

The 2.0 ritual:
"Enhanced Quiver (General, Item [Quiver], Passive) - A Quiver with this Ritual gains the ability to hold increased quantities of arrows. While the quiver stays the same shape on the outside, its interior expands outside the normal laws of Fortannis physics to fit a larger quantity of arrows or bolts (and only arrows or bolts, not other items). The Item Tag for an Enhanced Quiver must be marked with how many arrow/bolt tags it allows the owner to carry (instead of the normal 20). If the Enhanced Quiver Ritual is destroyed, any arrow/bolt tags in excess of 20 which were allocated to that quiver are immediately destroyed. Based on difficulty at which the Ritual is cast, the Quiver can be expanded to hold 40, 60, 80, or unlimited quantities of Arrow Tags."

It might be worth adjusting the wording for the ritual to take in to account that a foam quiver of dimensions allowing one to carry 60 arrows (aka 192+ cu inch), is still considered a quiver. And casting the ritual at the base level should probably not result in a tag saying it can hold only 40; or a tag saying it can hold 80; but rather a tag saying it can hold 20 additional arrows.

Being pedantic on 1.3 quiver definition. The intent is clear, but the wording could use improvement.
* It should be "minimum volume of 64 cubic inches", not 64 inches. One is a measure of volume, the other length. (The current definition makes as much sense as saying "I'm 1.5 gallons tall".)
* "For each multiple of the maximum quiver volume" should be "For each multiple of the minimum quiver volume". There is no defined maximum quiver volume.


Denver Staff
These are great points... and as a fellow units hawk I appreciate your work. ;-)