Quivers and using a large amount of arrows


I wanted to get some opinions/ rulings on the use of quivers to carry large amounts of arrows. Specifically in the rule book I didn’t see a cap on how many arrows one could carry. In real life this seems odd. Basically I could carry 200 arrows in a 3 gallon bag without any penalty. Really what I want to know is what makes sense for a number of arrows that a player could carry in a quiver or multiple quivers? Being an archer without any other weapon skills I use a lot of arrows. In the last big town battle I was at my brother and I used his large canvas gear bag as a phys rep to carry 200 arrows and treated it like carrying a really heavy object with a 3 count to pick it up and not being able to run with it.




There's nothing in the rules that says you can't have an arbitrarily large quiver. I would probably say that it shouldn't readily collapse to below the volume you're trying to use it for, but other than that there's no real restriction other than what you can physically handle.


There is something in the rules, though, that says you may only hold 20 arrows per 64" volume of the quiver. You can have an overly large quiver and hold multiple quivers-worths of arrows in it, but for every 20, you have to meet another 64" volume. (Page 81 if you want to read the whole passage.)

We have an archer down here who has belt rig with three of the rather large workman's leather pouches that he uses. He typically doesn't go through ALL of the 60 arrows he carries in a fight, but has also picked up some melee skills just in case.


Yames goes through 100s of arrows each game. Amazingly most of those arrows actually hit their intended targets. :D