Rathfall and the Eclipse of the Lost Mists


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Good Day Fellow Adventurers,

Last night I had the most amazingly real dream. It was akin to Astral Projection. During the the Eclipse of the Lost Mists; of which I excitingly know little about.

I felt a frigid breeze caress me. As if Lord Galeous was in my room blowing on my cheeks.

And then I was in Rathfall, holding an invitation and then a Prince lraised a glass to me. Yet, I can't recall if if was Prince Tristan or someone else. It was all so real, yet, so removed.

And after my spirit, my mind, my Astral self wandered some I awoke in my bed. Did this happen to anyone else? Was anyone else seemingly spirited away?

Any guidance or others experiences would be appreciated.

Thank You,
Lady FallingStar
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