Rathfall Winter IBGAs 2023

Alliance Chicago

Chicago Staff
All Players will be able to submit an In-Between Game Action (IBGA) for the Rathfall Campaign. Note that this Winter IBGA does not clash nor invalidate an already submitted Gavaria Winter IBGA. You are allowed and encouraged to do both. All Chicago IBGAs consist of one Primary Action and an Upkeep Action.


Please note each response has a character limit to help brevity.

Primary Action: This is the 'meat and potatoes' big thing you are attempting to accomplish. IBGAs should either provide a hook to a mod at the following event of that setting, or reveal plot and/or useful information about the Game World. We recommend IBGAs with a single clearly defined goal, as this best fits into our chapter philosophy of what IBGAs should accomplish.

Having trouble thinking of a Primary Action? Consider one of these three group options available for this IBGA round:
  • The Mistweavers are gearing up for The Annual Continental Innovators Symposium hosted by House Kindershaw in Rathfall this year. Come to help or simply observe in order to gain inside knowledge on the latest inventions, research developments, and which famous Mistweavers are currently in the spotlight!
  • High Vindicator Constantine has dedicated 1,000 virtuous knights to aid in the Archduke's new Blight campaign. Join the fleet of ships leaving the docks of Old Rathfall district to tour the city-states of Trusken, Silkshore, Vassa, and Sultai, in order to collect all promised troops.
  • House Fortinbras needs assistance investigating the aftermath of attempted assassination of Princess Rumil, by seeking information on the Rose Slayer and their possible connection to a local vampire cult. Fortinbras deputies and sheriffs intend to also gain some insights on the recent Mother of Waves's Restless Curse.

Upkeep Action: This is just to let plot know what your PC is up to in their spare time. Upkeep Actions are intended to be minor and generally will not receive a response, or a very limited response. They are for the sort of thing you want to make sure the Plot Team knows you are up to in your spare time.

Winter IBGAs are due at 11:59PM 2/12/2023

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Rathfall Plot Team