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  1. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    A character without this skill will not be able to read even the simplest written signs, scrolls, or numbers. A character may be able to interpret a map based on drawn landmarks but not read any writing on the map. With this skill, a character can read anything except magical writing on Formal scrolls, which requires the skill Formal Magic (school). It does not allow a character to comprehend foreign languages they do not know, nor does it decode coded messages. It does however allow the character to try to decode or translate the message. Note that if you have this skill, you can still read even if you are prohibited from using “Game Abilities.” For instance, you can read potion labels even if you are under the effects of a Nausea. ——

    I received a question from a new player who asked if they need Read and Write in order to write notes/accounting in a different language.

    Based on my interpretation of the spirit of the rule, Read and Write is representative of scholastic teaching, and while it doesn’t give you the ability to decode writings, I would say it implies you at least need it for any writings at all.

    Does anyone see differently?
  2. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    I would agree that R/W is necessary for written accounting. The "foreign language" terminology is afaik for being able to have a different in game language (elvish for example). You have to actually be able to speak it/know it. (My bad German speaking Tribesmen from a few games ago for example).

    To actually write down accounting information you should need R/W, regardless of your out of game ability to write in Hindi for example.
  3. norman b

    norman b Squire Oregon Staff Marshal

    I would concur.

    But this does not extend to counting as you are supposed to be able to count coin normally, unless you choose not to, as there's no skill specifically for counting. Merchant also allows you to know the value of things even without being able to identify them, but you couldn't write it down (which I always thought was weird to be able to do accounting without read/write...)
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