Ready Coin Available


Gettysburg Staff
To the Citizens of Wyndael,

I will be attending the upcoming gather and am looking to purchase (and sell) any items of value that you come across during your adventures. If you find yourself short of funds or have no need for the items please come see me. I have a ready supply of coin and want to put it in your pouches. If you need an extra edge to ensure success of an adventure, I also have a large supply of protectives, healing and offensive items for sale. I will be in the tavern or my room in the tavern for much of the gather so please stop by and do some business. If you are looking for something in particular that I don't have in stock please let me know via a private missive or at the gather and I will set my agents to locating it for you. Furthermore, I will have a stock of fine libations available for purchase (energizing potions, sparkling wine and re-hydrating beverages).

Yours in Service,

Keegan O'Connell
Golden Gryphon Trading Company