Recent Gathering Recap and Synopsis (and Closing Announcements)

This notice is found posted in the tavern and is dispersed across the adventuring community.

Thank you to all those who were able to assist in the most recent gather this weekend.

The Guild Mistress from the Lore Masters' Guild arrived early in the gather. She held a short lecture and gave a brief summary of the Lost City expedition thus far, please see previously posted notes for more information on the Lost City. She recruited a group of adventurers and they made their way to the Lost City. I was not involved with this and I have limited details but I will summarize based off of what I do know. If anyone has anything to add, please attach an additional note to this posting.

The expedition into the Lost City was able to make it to the final layer of the city. While there they were able to preform a ritual in concert with the spirits that have been stuck there since the initial cataclysm that ruined the city and the civilization. It is my understanding that Dreadrot was responsible for what happened to the city, and in this ritual one of his phylacteries was destroyed. With that the spirits were freed, though it had been too long for them to resume their physical forms through the Greater Earth Circle, they were free to depart for the Graveyard. To my understanding Grim, one of the newest recruits of the Scions, was able to lead these spirits to a greater end. Additionally, it was revealed that Dreadrot has more than one true name, and that was recovered.

The entity known as "They" has been instrumental in assisting us in making progress against Dreadrot. As many of you know Dreadrot possessed a Spinner Book. By him possessing this, he was able to read the strands of fate, anything we said or did was recorded in this book. Because of this he was able to keep ahead of our efforts. "They" had been able to obfuscate themselves from fate, and not be included in the Spinner Book. In this most recent month, "They" was able to determine a point in time to strike at Dreadrot while he was in his home in the Aspen Woods. A strike force was assembled of highly skilled adventurers. The following is courtesy of Captain Lagarde who relayed this to me for this summary. Making their way into the serpent's nest the plan was to recover the book while Dreadrot was away. When they got there there was moderate undead and cultist resistance. Making their way inside, they encountered the greatest resistance on the second floor. While the rest of the party kept the enemies busy, Lagarde checked for traps. Upon opening a door, much to his dismay, on the other side Dreadrot himself was making his way to deal with the intrusion himself. Thinking quickly, Lagarde set an explosive to go off when the door is opened. The bomb goes off and Dreadrot phases out of sync with reality for a moment to avoid it and Lagarde is saved by some fancy footwork, and maybe a little tuck and roll. As Dreadrot shifts back into sync with reality, Lagarde quickly grabs the Spinner Book and runs, the others follow suit. Dreadrot attempts to stop them with Dragon/Shadow Magic, but yet he is unable to stop them. Their strategic retrograde advance is going off without a hitch when Dreadrot uses the defeated corpses of his cultists to make Greater Wraith Lords (as was described by Bluwolf) to block the door. Lagarde having made it outside, the Spinners appear being able to sense their lost book now that it is out of Dreadrot's hands. They demand their book back, but Lagarde refuses without them first helping the rest of the party escape. The Spinners agree to assist in exchange for their book. In doing so, they freeze time allowing only those adventurers to continue on. This truly good news means that Dreadrot no longer can out maneuver and be ever one step ahead of us. His advantage has greatest advantage is now gone.

A problem we have been having is that Dreadrot seems to be able to be in multiple places all at once. Each of these Dreadrots seems to have the same abilities as the original. A small contingent was sent to a tower where a rogue of legendary ability once called home. Stories and songs are still told and sung for children. In this tower there was said to be a Kaleidoscope of great magical ability. To the understanding of the adventuring community, this is the device that allowed Dreadrot to be in multiple places at once, to mirror himself. The team made their way into the tower, and Robert made it back to the tavern with the kaleidoscope. Blaidrym, however, did not make it back. A force was assembled and sent to recover Blaidrym. They returned but not with him. They were unable to save him as he was made into an undead, and then he resurrected. Ivaleta was around and able to perform the resurrection. Upon returning with the kaleidoscope, I, Midnight, was sent to identify it in the Greater Celestial Circle, upon returning I informed those gathered that the kaleidoscope was certainly a powerful item and that there were many rituals on it, but they are all obfuscated. However, while magic items are usually indestructible, this seems incredibly fragile and appears that it would break. Squire Demvarien takes it and shatters it with a spell, it shatters into many pieces. The Duchess, having been absent from the discussion previously pertaining to what it was believed to do with mirroring Dreadrot, becomes quite upset that it was just destroyed. It is explained and she insists that perhaps it could have been used to mirror Baron General Northeim instead. The conversation quickly moves onto something else due to outside circumstances to be described in another section of this report.

The Celestial Guild Mistress, Cendorn, the Nydabethian Dark Elf, arrives with a great being made of ice. She explains that this is one of the Elementalists that will be assisting with building the Elemental Bridge and the anchoring process. The Awakened of Ice chooses Korric as his champion and Korric gathers a party. Korric is granted a boon of ice from the Elementalist. The Elementalist then becomes a portal of ice, walking through I had never felt such intense cold. Coming out on the other side we were greeted by a valley of flame cultists. They were very frightened by the ice portal, by Korric who is encased in ice yet functioning normally, and the rest of us emerging from said portal. In all, there was Korric, Quin, Doctors Yotie and No'no, and myself. As I approached some of the cultists fled. Interestingly a number of the cultists seemed to be encased in large blocks of ice and the others had them around fires trying to melt them. Conjuring some flame, I tried to convince them that we mean no harm, they seemed receptive to that. Yotie mind melded with one of the ones encased in ice to find much to his horror that not only are they awake and conscious, but they were terrified. Coincidentally his hand froze to the block of ice. No'no used a shatter and that accomplished both freeing Yotie's hand from the ice as well as the cultist from within. Some of the cultists took this as a hostile act. I questioned them as to why they didn't try a shatter, and then I might possibly have insulted them for not even trying a shatter. Seeing that most of them are probably mages of some variety, a shatter should be a fairly easy thing for them to think of and try. Korric recognizes them as the same cult that tried to destroy the ice elemental that he is an aspirant of. He promises that he will be entering the cave on the far end of the clearing, if any of them get in his way, they will not live to tell the tale. Some of them flee, others take up arms. I implored them to reconsider and to flee summoning up a ninth circle ice bolt augmented with high magic to be double. Many rethought their life decisions and listened to the voice of reason. A few others persisted, Quin shot three arrows and landed three kill shots. Korric continued making straight for the cave. Yotie and No'no followed. Only one remained, of which I approached and with a mix of anger and disappointment I asked why he wanted to fight. Seeing the others either fleeing or dead, the knife that he had raised and began charging with is dropped and he drops to his knees and began to beg for his life, finally seeing the reason behind my words. I told him he was free to go and he quickly made his way away from the ice cave. Once inside there was little and less opposition, though it was unbearably cold. Making our way in ever deeper we eventually made it to a pool of water, Korric jumps in and swims down to the bottom and finds an ice crystal glowing bright white. He touches it and becomes part of a large iceberg. We pull him up and finally get him on the shore, we then manage to pull him out and get Korric and the pure elemental ice back through the portal. The Awakened of Ice takes the elemental ice and Korric melts. Together the Elementalist and Cendorn stow the elemental ice in the Mages' Guild.

Near the end of the gather, Tar'ne'kesis and Doomwing entered the tavern after suffering a vision. Duchess Elavir suffers the same vision. As they experienced the vision, the shard trembled, an earthquake perhaps. Additionally all the formal magics active on my person seemed to waver for a moment. The three of them reveal that the vision was the King Stone exploding. That the outside had leveraged the possession of the King to destroy the King Stone. This is alarming no matter the context, but allow me to share. The Landbond Stones are the physical manifestation of the dragon magic from the ancient dragons that sleep below at the foundations of the shard. These dragons have slept since the second age when the shard was nearly torn apart by the Dragon War. They must continue to sleep for the shard to continue to exist. Kamala gave up her physical form to keep watch over these sleeping dragons. The path that she followed to check on each of the dragons created the Ley Line Network. Recently she was taken prisoner by Outsiders, beings of the Void. Within the past few months we were able to rescue her with the assistance of Doomwing and Tar'ne'kesis. However, her power was diminished from her time in the void. Tar'ne'kesis, once the gold dragon and protector of the shard, was responsible for keeping Outsiders out of the shard. However, the Dragon Council thought it more important to punish him for assisting in mortal affairs. They stripped him of his powers and bound him to a human form. Kamala entered the tavern and was irate at the Dragon Council for their idiocracy and lack of foresight or forethought. Because of the bureaucracy of the Dragon Council, she was unable to protect the sleeping dragons, and now the ley line network and the very fabric of the shard itself is doomed to crumble. With that she commanded her mind and spirit to merge with Tar'ne'kesis. In doing this she sacrificed herself so that he may once more have his powers and ability to fight off outsiders. With that he departed for the capital to see what he could do. Doomwing and Tar'ne'kesis confirmed that the Ley Line Network will be able to hold things together for a time, but it is in a constant state of degradation now with the loss of the dragon that slept under what is known as the King Stone. While the lands that dragon held in place will remain for a time due to the net that is the Ley Line Network, a chain reaction is brewing, the network will fail and Tar'ne'kesia will be lost to the Void at this rate.

Closing Announcements:
All right! This event was absolutely jam packed with content!! A huge thank you to Plot for everything!!! I sincerely apologize if I did not include things. Please comment to this thread if you did something and would like to have it known. I think it would be great to get some more details on the Lost City. There was so much going on down there and I know I would really love to read up on it!

Things are happening very rapidly now. We are in the endgame for the season. Not only for the season but for the shard of Tar'ne'kesia and all of New Acarthia. It has been a roller coaster of a ride for the past 8 years and these past few months even more so. We are all sincerely looking forward to this next and final game of New Acarthia!!

After the next game, plot will be taking a well deserved break, these past few months have been jammed packed with content. However, there will be an opportunity for you to work with Plot to work out what the next steps are for your character. Based on what happens in the last game you might be interested in one last interaction. Think of this as an opportunity to hear an epilogue.

Next Gather is Saturday, October 17, 2020.

The next event is only three weeks out, we ask that all individual BGAs are sent in ASAP, but absolutely no later than Friday, October 2, 2020.
The BBEGA (big bad exciting game actions) will need to be submitted no later than Sunday, October 4, 2020. (Jules will be less able to spearhead this with a wedding this next weekend so I will be getting the google doc started here soon and posted up, please feel free to add yourself to things and take care of what you need to do with it).
A huge shout out to all the plot people for writing up the BGAs. Consistently we have been having record numbers of PCs submitting BGAs and interacting with things between games. Each of them have been writing thousands of words to give story and detail to these and it is all super appreciated!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mike Mesmer for putting in the effort to design a system to adapt the Alliance LARP rules to a tabletop version. With this system we have been able to handle the combat very well. He has also been spending a couple nights each week to run mods for small groups of players to further progress the story.

I will be working with Mike M and Jules to get signups together for mods upcoming, but everyone plot side is going to need some time to decompress this week, so don't expect mods to run until next week.

Finally, Amber (Mevwanwy) and I (Midnight), would like to get a storybook of sorts put together for Acarthia. The Acarthian campaign has been going on for nearly a decade and there are so many great stories to be told. As one final send off for Acarthia we thought that it would be fun to get the stories compiled as either a series or a single large book. Jesse suggested a forum post here in the in-game section. That way people can post to the thread whenever and everyone can go back and read them. Amber said that if you don't want to post it yourself you can send the stories to her and I and we can post them for you. We do ask that all stories would be posted with an approximate time frame of when it happened.

I'm sure that I'm missing something. If you know of anything feel free to reach out to me and I can add it, or feel free to post a reply.