Recharge Prowess: Channeling/BA/CA


Seattle Staff
I know the final is out and I doubt any changes are even possible at this time, but I’m probably gonna propose this to an owner at some point soon.

I think it would be cool if you could Recharge up to 5 Back Attacks, Crit Attacks, or 125 Channeling. That’s technically more XP currently possible to Recharge, but I feel that these skills could use an extra advantage to make them more competitive.



Chicago Staff
I am only into the caster portion of the game, but the ability to recharge the channeling pool would be nice. Especially with how High magic has put a pretty high emphasis on it (which I like, as it makes it more important and not an ignored skill). But starting out with low levels of channeling - it almost "feels" like a waste of XP.

When a character is still less than 100 XP, the player has to make a choice of do they really want to increase their channeling pool, or is it more beneficial to gain another storm spell, or increase their pyramid. Its not until you have 15+ levels of Channeling that the ability to "recharge" it becomes unbalancing (IMO) because its not until that point does the character actually have a significant amount of pool available, or have enough high magic to make what pool they do have more resource efficient than a spell. Because until you have said high magic, a Lesser storm is likely better resource management for battle casters and battle healers.

It almost seems as if Channeling is designed to "be its own thing" where you can be
A Good Formalist
A Good Column Caster
A Good Channeler

While they all play into one another, and all fit various scholar and Spellsword builds. Gotta tell you, as a 120XP C-Scholar, my 10 XP spent into channeling x3 because I "one day" want to be awesome at channeling for sure "feels" wasteful, when that xp could be better spent into High Magic to empower my storm spells, or provide other all around useful high magic abilities.

How this could be put into effect - My only idea thus far is developing a way to Channeling Store, much like a spell store. But it only works on the channeling pool, and only can be done into a designated focus. But allowing that pool to be stored for a weekend, and not just that logistics period. Which likely will have its pros and cons. I just don't like to critique something without offering up "something" as a spit ball idea.


Chicago Staff
Had another idea which may be useful.

As there is high magic to just simply fill a spell store with 9 levels of spells from your spell book.

There could be equally a high magic to fill a channeling store.

That then also adding a new ritual of channeling store (general) which must enchant/target a valid focus.

How much a channeling such a ritual could store, would be entirely up more alliance mechanics balancing people than I am aware/capable.

Which then addresses the above concern of store not lasting past logistics and limiting how much it can hold based on difficult of ritual cast.