Recycling at Millersylvania

This is super timely, since we just discussed recycling at the last Miller game. I just got an email from Jacob (the Millersylvania ranger) that they'll be starting a recycling program as of June 1.

Here's the important parts:
Email from Millersylvania said:
I hope to recycle almost all of the material coming out of the ELC while having as little impact as possible on our groups. (...) I am going to be using LeMay's Food Plus Recycling, so that we can recycle all of the food waste that comes out of the kitchen. Pluses are that all aluminum cans, plastics, papers and cardboards can be co-mingled in one 19.5-yard container that will be emptied monthly. There will be a separate 2-yard container for food wastes that will be emptied weekly. Draw-backs are that some extra effort will be required to separate food waste in the kitchen. We will have flyers that show how to separate waste and park staff will be on hand to go over the new recycle program with all groups. (...)

Groups that use disposable plates and cups will be happy to find out that these will fit within the recycling program.
BUT, there is NO program currently in place to recycle GLASS or STYROFOAM. At this time I'm asking that groups try to eliminate glass and styrofoam use while at the ELC. We will still have a regular trash bin, but I'm hoping that it's empty at the end of the summer.