Reflecting Conditional Effects

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Explicitly covered in the rules -
Disarm / Shatter (Only functions if new target has a valid item based on initial call)
Command / Charm (control of the recipient is handed over to the most recent effect reflector)

Uncertain on reflected interactions -
This spell requires the caster to hit a target with a spell packet and hold the hand used to throw the packet palm out, facing the recipient. The victim and the target should then stay at least ten feet apart while the spell is in effect, and the caster must keep the hand held out toward the target. The outstretched hand cannot be used for any other purpose, although the caster may use the other hand for in-game skills


Is it possible to Bane a repel and obtain ownership of it? If so, does the spell end as soon as the first caster lowers their hand? Do you get to define a new hand to repel with?

Assassinate / Terminate:
Like a Back Attack, Terminate must be performed from the back. The “back” includes the buttocks, rear of the arm (triceps area from shoulder to elbow) and rear half of the calves and thighs from heel to buttocks. You must be behind the victim to inflict a Terminate; you cannot reach around from the front. When used with a thrown weapon, bow or crossbow, the attack does not have to be from the rear... Terminate can be blocked by a Parry, Dodge, or a Riposte. A Magic Armor spell also protects the wearer from a Terminate and expends it in the process.

Do backstab effects need to be reflected with a thrown weapon / bow / or crossbow to do more than block an attack? Do you have to riposte a Terminate from behind someone otherwise?

How do reflected ownership rules and conditional effects interact in these situations?


Repel has two parts to it (though it's not 100% clear the way it's written):
(a) Push the target back to 10' from the caster (except in some specific non-safe situations)
(b) If the caster keeps their hand held up towards the target, the target may not approach closer than 10'.

This is why Repel can work as a carrier or Voice effect - it kicks in the first part (a) but the caster chooses to not maintain (b).

If reflected, a Repel will push the original caster (now the target) up to 10' away from the original target (now the caster) as per (a), but (b) does not need to maintain the effect by putting a hand out (since they didn't use a specific hand to activate the effect, a marshal on the scene would likely rule that either would be applicable if they chose to maintain (b)).


Any attack 'from behind' just needs to be initiated that way. Once it originates as a valid attack, all 'bouncing around' that may occur for that same originally-valid attack continues to be valid, no matter how the 'bouncing around' occurs (Riposte, Bane, etc.).

-Bryan Gregory
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