Registration for January 1-Day - Opening the Shattered Realms

Registration for our first Event of 2020:
January 18, 2020
Is now Open

The Events will take place at VFW Post 2269 in Wixom, Michigan

Consistent with our 2020 pricing, the Event costs $35 and food will be available for an additional $5.
Anyone who completes their Registration by 11:59 pm on 1/14/20 receives a $5 discount
You can send your payment in advance via PayPal

To qualify for the the discounted price, your Registration in the CMA must include:
  • Selecting the Character you want to play at the Event in the CMA
    • Listing any High Magic or Production you want ready at Logistics in the Notes Section
    • Listing any Goblin Stamp purchases (LCO Items, production, or other benefits) in the Notes Section
    • List all "Item IDs" for Magic Items you intend to check in at the Event (this is the 6 character alphanumeric number near the top of the tag).
    • If you have Spells, make sure to create and set your memorization lists
If you're planning on NPCing on Saturday, please Register in the CMA so we know you're coming and we know which of your Characters you want to receive credit for the Event.

If you still need to convert from 1.3 to 2.0 pleas see the information on Production and Magic Items/Ritual Scrolls

Summary of Information:

January 18, 2020
Time: Logistics at 11:00, lay on at Noon
Price: $35
Food: Saturday $5
NPC: No Cost for the Event or Food
VFW Post 2269
PayPal Payment Link

Who's Coming?
Registered PCs

  1. Chris I - Vert
  2. Travis - XXI
  3. Chad - Stark
  4. TC - Naomi
  5. Matt W. - Komeayaso
  6. Dan - Gris
  7. Jayden - Jake
  8. John W. - Tolib
  9. Evan - Rock
  10. Wendy - Keeta
  11. Rachel - Scarlet
  12. Devlin - Gavin
  13. Ben P. - Rodarr - NEW! Welcome!
  14. Austin - Brighampton - NEW! Welcome!
  15. Mallory - Babette - NEW! Welcome!
  16. Rachel - Scarlet
  17. Dave - Ardos
  18. Becky - Blue
  19. Mike S. - Thudd
  20. Lisa - Jote

Registered NPCs
  1. Brooks
  2. Cory
  3. Moon
  4. Matt F.
  5. Diane
  6. Rob D.
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Some additional info from the Plot Team for the event.

An IG teaser is forthcoming
There will be combat at the Event, but it should not be exterior combat. That said, you may end up outside so be prepared for January in Michigan
Much like previous adventure days there will be an area where the Players can sit, relax, and take stock of their circumstances. There will be food served in that area.
If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Brooks via messages in the forums or on Discord where he's Flaxmut#2938

Update from Event Plot in light of weather reports: The Event, including all combat, takes place indoors. Don't let a bit of snow keep you from coming out.