Registration for June 1-Day (6/29/19)

Alliance SoMI

South Michigan Staff

The price for this Event is $35, and anyone who Registers before before 11:59 pm on June 23rd will save $10 off the cost of the Event!
Food will be available for the cost of $5 for lunch.
You can send your payment in advance via PayPal
To qualify for the the discounted price, your Registration in the CMA must include:

  • Selecting the Character you want to play at the Event in the CMA
    • Listing any High Magic, Production, or Goblin Stamp purchases in the Notes Section
    • If you have Spells, make sure to create and set your memorization lists
    • List the Item Number (the 6 digit number near the top) of an Magic Items you intend to check in to the Event
If you're planning on NPCing for the whole Event, please Register in the CMA so we know you're coming and we know which of your Characters you want to receive credit for the Event.

If you still need to convert 1.3 items see Production and Magic Items/Ritual Scrolls for more information. Emails received before June 24th will be ready for the Event

Summary of Information:
Date: June 29th
Price: $35 (save $10 by Registering by June 23rd)
Food: $5 for Lunch
NPC: No Cost for the Event or Food
Time: Arrive on site anytime, Logistics opens at 10:00 am
Location: Blue Spruce Cabin in Island Lake State Park

CMA Registration Link
PayPal Payment Link

Who's Coming?
Registered PCs:

  1. Moon - Nataal
  2. Matt - Mathis
  3. Mike - Valtenchoir
  4. Gabe - Dusty
  5. Kristen - Dustie
  6. Aaron - Krosh
  7. Becky - Blue
  8. Mike N. - Lukas
  9. Rachel - Scarlet
  10. Lisa - Jote

Registered NPCs:
  1. Louis
  2. Chad
  3. Hanna Scanlon
  4. Mike S.
  5. Chris I.
  6. Diane Walker (new)
  7. Jayden Walker (new Page)
  8. John Walker (new)
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