Registration for November 1-Days

Alliance SoMI

South Michigan Staff
Registration for our final two Events of 2019:
November 22 - 5:00 pm until Players leave & November 23 - 12:00 pm until dusk
Is now Open

The Events will take place at Proud Lake State Park near Milford, Michigan

These Events are not included in our Season Pass but are offered at a discounted rate.
Each Event is priced individually at $25 but if you Register in advance you get both Events for $40.
Friday we'll have coffee, tea, and hot
Food on Saturday will be $5
You can send your payment in advance via PayPal

A couple of important notes:
  1. We are not accepting any NPC Registrations for Friday
  2. Spellcrafting used on Friday will carry over to Saturday. No other effects will carry over including protective spells, spell store items, etc.
  3. If you are attending both Events please make sure to Register for them separately.
  4. These are two separate Events so you can use GS to purchase Production items twice

To qualify for the the discounted price, your Registration in the CMA must include:
  • Selecting the Character you want to play at the Event in the CMA
    • Listing any High Magic or Production you want ready at Logistics in the Notes Section
    • Listing any Goblin Stamp purchases (LCO Items, production, or other benefits) in the Notes Section
    • List all "Item IDs" for Magic Items you intend to check in at the Event (this is the 6 character alphanumeric number near the top of the tag).
    • If you have Spells, make sure to create and set your memorization lists
If you're planning on NPCing on Saturday, please Register in the CMA so we know you're coming and we know which of your Characters you want to receive credit for the Event.

If you still need to convert from 1.3 to 2.0 pleas see the information on Production and Magic Items/Ritual Scrolls

Summary of Information:
November 22 and November 23
Time: November 22 - 5:00 pm
November 23 - Logistics at 10:30, lay on at Noon
Price: $25 each or $40 for both Events
Food: Saturday $5
NPC: No Cost for the Event or Food
Location: Proud Lake State Park
(off of Powers Beach Road)
PayPal Payment Link

Who's Coming?
Friday Registered PCs:

  1. Matt - Mathis - Complete
  2. John W. - Tolib - Complete
  3. Jayden W. - Jake - Complete
  4. TC - Naomi - Complete
Saturday Registered PCs:
  1. John W. - Tolib - Complete
  2. Jayden W. - Jake - Complete
  3. TC - Naomi - Complete
Saturday Registered NPCs:
  1. Chris I.
  2. Travis
  3. Chad
  4. Matt
  5. Cory
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