Registration for the August 9-11 Weekend Event

Alliance SoMI

South Michigan Staff
Registration for the SoMI August 2019 Weekend is now Open
The Event continues our use of the Alliance LARP's 2.0 Rules
and take place at Cedar Lake Outdoor Center near Chelsea, Michigan

The price for this Event is $65, and anyone who Registers before before 11:59 pm on August 3rd will save $10 off the cost of the Event!
Food will be available for the cost of $10 for three meals.
You can send your payment in advance via PayPal
To qualify for the the discounted price, your Registration in the CMA must include:
  • Selecting the Character you want to play at the Event in the CMA
    • Listing any High Magic, Production, or Goblin Stamp purchases in the Notes Section
    • If you have Spells, make sure to create and set your memorization lists
    • List all "Item Numbers" for Magic Items you intend to check in at the Event (this is the 6 character number on the tag).List
If you're planning on NPCing for the whole Event, please Register in the CMA so we know you're coming and we know which of your Characters you want to receive credit for the Event.

Converting Production and Magic Items/Ritual Scrolls to the 2.0 Rules

Summary of Information:
Date: August 9 - 11
Price: $65 (save $10 by Registering by Aug 3rd)
Food: $10 for three meals
NPC: No Cost for the Event or Food
Time: Arrive on site no earlier than 4:00 pm on Friday, Logistics opens at 6:30 pm
Location: Cedar Lake Outdoor Center
CMA Registration Link

PayPal Payment Link

Who's Coming?
Registered PCs:

  1. Matt F. - Mathis
  2. Nick R. - Dolarth
  3. Rachel - Scarlet
  4. Christopher - Phanuck
  5. Becky S. - Blue
  6. Brooks - Yonkie - Set Memorization
  7. Dan L. - Halfdan
  8. Taed - Ilarion
  9. Chad - Quinn
  10. Travis - Zane
  11. Chris I. - Link
  12. Lisa - Jote
  13. Lou - Finch
  14. Gabe -Dusty
  15. Kristen - Dustie
  16. Genevieve - Collette
  17. Jaden - Jake the Page
  18. Clay - Fatik
  19. Mike S. - Thudd
  20. Samantha - Beryl
  21. Matt - Desylvia
  22. Joe M. - Phoenix
  23. Andrew - Rusty - Create and Set Memorization Lists
  24. Sal - Trellis
  25. Nate - Nyo
  26. Carrie - Pebbles
  27. Matt W. - Arai
  28. Dwayne - Shen
  29. Kristie - Lilith
  30. TC - Naomi
  31. Mike N. - Lukas
  32. Katrina - Cressida
  33. Travis M. - Shlandril
Registered NPCs:
  1. Ian
  2. Baylan
  3. Dave
  4. Hanna
  5. Jason
  6. Jon
  7. Diane
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Chicago Staff
I just found out tonight that my Mandatory Overtime at work was canceled so I will be able to attend this game. For the traveling ease of a Full car of people, Does anyone, or Monster Camp have an extra Staff which I could borrow for the event?


Chief Technology Officer
South Michigan Staff
Monster camp only has a single staff. If the plot team doesn't need it for anything, @Mathis often doesn't pack it. If you reach out to him, he could probably arrange for you to borrow it.

If you'd prefer your staff and are willing to make the trek into Chicago, I will happily bring it with me.


Where are you located at Spaz? I am in the south west suburbs and will have ample cargo room if you need someone to haul a staff or equipment