Registration: October 29th Weekend: My Oh My Mary's Merry Mirrors


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Welcome to the Registration Thread for Guest Plot Event 2: My Oh My Mary's Merry Mirrors, this is second of the two exciting guest plot events we have in store in October! As a guest plot event you can expect a different plot team than normal which has been putting a LOT of effort into crafting a single weekend story that takes place in an isolated corner of the game world. Rest assured it is still a Chicago event with all of the normal oversite, and behind the scenes management just some new folks taking a stab at plot for a weekend. Guest plots are all about variety, giving folks who have never plotted exposure to it, and just a bit of rest for a tired plot team after the monumental effort of Nationals. We look forward to seeing what the two teams have come up with.

The event for PCs will cost $80 and NPCs $25; however anyone who preregisters will gain a $15 discount! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee.

The site opens 6PM on Friday October 29th, Logistics AND a soft lay on will begin at 8PM with PC talk and the hard lay on around 9-10PM. (Please do not be on site before 6PM if you have not spoken directly with Rob). Second Day Logistics will be at 2-3 PM Saturday (this is an LCO policy - let us know if you love or hate it). Sunday will be plot loose ends and clean up. Our goal is to be off site about noon on Sunday!

Site is Camp Juniper Knoll: East Troy, WI 53120

Pre-registration for this event should be completed over on the CMA: . Pre-registrations should include needed tags, production, magic items, and any food allergies. Battleboard forms are available at logistics just ask! These must be sent to no later than Tuesday October 26th at 11:59PM.

Prepayment via PayPal should be sent to: please use friends and family or via ETH/BTC/DAI reach out via pm for wallet addresses.

We are requiring a 95% vaccination rate of all attendees at the event, and part of pre-registration will include proof of vaccination. Non-vaccinated players will be capped at 5% of total attendance, and if you are unvaccinated, you may be put on a “waiting list” to attend until more vaccinated players are registered. Get your vaccines, folks! With the expansion of vaccines available to the public and the amount of time before the event, there should be ample opportunity for our players to get their vaccinations in time, with the unvaccinated 5% comprising only those that are truly unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons (allergies, immunocompromised, etc.).

Lastly, all attendees must have a current Alliance Chicago Membership ($20).

1. Beryl
2. Desylvia
3. Nyo
4. Pebbles
5. Skylark
6. Bruenor
7. Shen
8. Drake
9. Corbell
10. Aramis
11. Jadar
12. Maiev
13. New 1
14. Calliope
15. Kitaruen
16. Rengar
17. Binar
18. Jeralen
19. Marcus
20. Cookie
21. Adlao
22. Vaelin
23. Bada
24. Asana
25. Ranvier
26. Toosaru
27. Mariel
28. Grimshaw
29. Glenn
30. Vanya
31. Garwon
32. Mutt
33. Abom
34. Iggy
35. Mila
36. Lorelei
37. Ash
38. Cami
39. Draco
40. Rynn
41. Beryl
42. Redthumb

1. Daphne P
2. Amanda F
3. Sam P
4. Quinn S
5. Kai W
6. Mika F
7. Sol F
8. Tabitha S
9. Nadine M
10. Ainsley S
11. Jay S
12. Julia S
13. Emma A
14. Briar R
15. Thaison N
16. Quinn T
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Chicago Staff
The vast majority of sleeping at this event will be indoors with heat/electricity. Primitive style permanent tents are available as well as traditional tenting for those who desire it. Additional details will be launched closer to event.


Chicago Staff
All PCs should report to "Promise Lodge" for this event for check in and to figure out bedding. This will be the primary PC area and Tavern.

NPC camp will be "Health Lodge"

"Citadel Lodge" will be a dedicated mod space


Chicago Staff
Little sneak peak into a part of the job board for the weekend! What could the symbols mean? Who will find out?


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