Registration of Magic Items for events 2022/23 Season

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Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff

Registrations and Magic Item Policies​

At Alliance Atlanta LARP we believe that our game is best served by the intent of the Alliance systems as presented for character growth and participation. However we also recognize that over time unique and specialty items can become more important and more impactful than the skills and abilities that a character gains throughout the course of play. To this end we will be instituting a Magic Item restriction policy. Any character registering for an Alliance Atlanta LARP event will be restricted to registering 40 total ritual effects or less with only up to 20 being allowed to come from Alliance Atlanta LCO specific items. Non-workshop location based rituals must be left with staff at the end of game so that they may be properly repped at each gathering as appropriate, and will not count against an individual character's check in limits. Only standard effects which are made utilizing the Alliance Ritual system will be eligible to be registered for any event, and all items being registered with flaws will be subject to approval by the Plot staff.
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