Reminder: Food Committee Lesser Gift of the Land

Just a reminder, because I forgot to put this up here after the last event. June will be our first month offering the new Lesser Gift of the Land from the Food Committee.

All PC's who donate a min of 5 bucks either before the event or at the door on FRIDAY at check in will receive the following Lesser Gift of the Land:

Healer's Resolve equal to the first multiple of 5 above their max character body.
This Healer's Resolve must be used all at once. It require one minute of focus where no other game skills can be used (as per armor refit).
It may only be used on yourself.
It expires at the end of the event and may not be held between events. It is "use or loose".
It may NOT be purchased multiple times during the same event.
It can NOT be purchased with goblin stamps, item picks, or any other form of rewards.

Example: Amaranthus the fighter has 63 body. After getting deathed and lifed he is at 1 body. With this Lesser Gift, Amaranthus spends 1 min kneeling and focusing and then heals 65 body, restoring him to his max of 63 body.

Help feed the people of the land, and the land shall feed you in return.

Head of Food Committee


For those of us who are ritually able to augment our body points with Earths Bounty, will the Gift of the Land reflect the new body total, or just the "natural" body total?

I also move we rename this "Well Fed Bonus"
Veto your name suggestion.

I will let the Head of Rules make the call, but I believe the intent from our meeting was to allow this to be a full heal, so if your weekend body is increased due to high magic in a non temporary (read as bless) way, then I think it will include that. Head of Rules will make final call there.



Pantzike said:
I also move we rename this "Well Fed Bonus"


Good idea!

What is the current rate in goblin stamps for food donations? 3 per dollar is standard, but occassionally 10 per dollar is offered? (FYI that is what causes me to donate on a per year basis instead of per event).

Currently 5 to 1.
This heal will apply to the max possible body including any high magic augmentation. So if you are a scholar with 20 body normally but take 3 levels of high magic to have a max of 35 body for the duration of the event the 'food donation' heal will allow you to heal all the way up to 35 body. Eat up! :thumbsup: