Render Improved on Armor


Alliance Logistics
The current text of Render Indestructible Improved says:

Out of Game:
If cast on a suit of armor it will cause that armor to be unable to be Shattered, but the armor's current Armor Points may still be reduced to 0 as normal and will require a normal refit to return to full Armor Points.
Which is similar to, but not quite the same as, the text in Shatter that says how it works on indestructible armor types. The implication in the scroll text seems to be that Shatter does nothing, with the additional text just clarifying that it takes damage normally when attacked.

Presumably this is just old scroll text that needs updating. If by some chance this is actually intended as an... improved form of indestructibility that actually No Effects Shatter instead of dropping it to 0, then it should make that more clear.