Reports of a Void Shard in Vandlar

Fellow Twiceborn and Bastionfolk,

I have heard reports that the land of Vandlar (to which several of us traveled recently) has been struck by the effects of a Void Shard. Their capital city is now a wasteland of undead.

In particular, our bad fellas made these shards. The people of Vandlar seem like fine lads.

We should probably go help.

Any takers?

Heresy Northwind
I have been in contact with some of the Nobility in Vandlar and have been bringing them up to speed on Viod, the shards, what we know. If your suggesting heading out to Vandlar, I am not so sure I could make the trip, but maybe. Snows are melting here in Icenia, and I suspect we are a few short weeks from having to re-engage the Rideic Legion.
I agree Heresy, that any aid that can be given should, as Viod is a threat to everyone, everywere.
Councilman Amaranthus Landcharmer
I am no noble of Vandlar or anything, but I know I can speak for us all when I say we would love to have some help in dealing with these shards. I do hope to be seeing you at our next gathering. Thanks for your concerns.
To all adventurers of the Hollow and our friends across the mists,

This is a request for anyone with details of the Void shard's appearance in this land of Vandlar to come forward with a report of the events.

Heresy, it has been a long time my friend. If you are back in Laerthan please come see me in Authenrai.

Apologies for my brevity, and best to all,

-Nicodemus Ravenseye


I'm not sure if you remember me, but I keep the tavern in Ironton. Help, you say? We'd gladly take it. Information as well. I've been in contact with Squire Paladar, who is passing a message along to Guildmistress Keely in an attempt to learn more about what we are dealing with. At least two towns in our fair Kingdom were affected, and although we in Ironton were saved by a friendly Life Elemental, our capital city was not so lucky. From the few reports I've had, Porthaven, which was previously a busy, bustling city, and is now teeming with undead. I know that there are forces in place to keep it all contained, but I am not sure how that effort is going at this time.

I would like to extend the hospitality of the Warm Mug Inn to anyone who would be willing to help us, either bodily, or with any information we can get regarding this shard. I've never in my days seen anything as immediately destructive, and I'd really like to learn about it, as it may well have destroyed many of my kin. It's becoming a personal vendetta to fix, if possible, this issue, and then possibly deal with the 'root cause' of the problem.

Hope to see you out in Vandlar soon, friends.


Just realized I forgot to sign my missive.

~Lilliana Soliere
Tavernkeep, Warm Mug Inn
Ironton, Vandlar

Your side of the world is far, even through the mists, but I'll be sure to bring a group out to Vandlar as soon as we can manage the trip.

Until then, steer clear of the infected areas. Some of our folks have gone barren and ill from the effects of The Withering.



I have told the Zarden Research Center, or what's left of it, everything I know regarding Void. If anyone can find a way to stop this, I would say it is them. The issue is that we are obviously dealing with our own problems. Don't worry Amaranthus, we're well hidden and functional. All those who could be were evacuated before the attack, along with a decent amount of our belongings (they had warning the attack was coming). If something changes, I will let you know. Until then, I will remain with the Center helping them where someone like me can.



I frequently travel through the lands of Vandlar. I haven't been there in some months now, due to some personal issues, but I shall hopefully be back in Ironton soon. I shall report back with whatever information I can gather while I am there.

May your days be filled with Shadow,
Good luck Sun, and keep yourself safe. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you in a land so far away. I'll see what information I can dig up on the Icenian Viod Shards.
May the wind always be at your back,
Councilman Amaranthus Landcharmer


HQ Staff
Ok... Somebody has to say it.

We were better off when the mists were closed to us. While those of us who have lived here through the Withering appreciate all that the traveling and returning twice-born have done for us, had whatever shield that kept us apart from the rest of Amora Fortannis still been in place we would have far less worries. We have Void shards showing up EVERYWHERE now and the voice of the Earth grows weaker by the day. Perhaps whatever it was that cut us off from the rest of the world was the Earth's means of amputating a limb that has the almond sickness, letting an arm die so that the whole may live. We are now open to the world, and thus the world is now open to the infection that is Laerthan. Once we have ascertained a means of destroying these Void Shards and spread this information it would perhaps be best to once again insulate ourselves from the rest of the world until we either cleanse the Deadlands of its rot or die, for without a host a disease cannot survive. I do not know much of traveling the mists but if anyone knows a means of traveling to Badril's Rest I would appreciate the help. The Void Shards must be destroyed.

Tho I share your opinion in some respects, what I have seen of Void unfortunatly tells a different tale. Void can manifest on just about any other plane. I have seen it. It followed us across the very mists from world to world until we returned home. The shattering of Void only accelerated its ability to travel, but based on what I have seen, even if Learathan were still sealed, Void would have eventualy found its way to other vibrants lands once the destruction of Laerethan was complete. It is not something which can be contained.

I have seen the fall of an Empire to extra-planar forces, and when its people fled across the ocean and founded a new home, they did so with honor and integrity. Be that as it may, about 400 years later their past caught up with them, and they have had to fight elements of that past again and again. My point is that Learathan may be dieing, and perhapes that is it fate. However, if there is even a glimer, the slightest chance that such a fate can be adverted, it is worth every effort to see it through. I am sure you agree.

I agree with you in full, Void must be destroyed. Only then can the healing really begin.
Councilman Amaranthus Landcharmer


Toddo said:
Once we have ascertained a means of destroying these Void Shards and spread this information it would perhaps be best to once again insulate ourselves from the rest of the world until we either cleanse the Deadlands of its rot or die, for without a host a disease cannot survive.
When you cast a Destroy Magic ritual of the Earth aspect upon one of the shards, it sucks nearby people inside of it. Inside the shard is a swirling, vortex-like tunnel of black tendrils, the very touch of which can drain an unarmored adventurer. Deep within this vortex is a Guardian; a very powerful creature which seems harmed by the power of Earth. Slaying this creature, in theory, destroys the shard -- a Puriel shard's Guardian was slain by the forces of the Doom Brigade, which let to that shard's destruction.

I have faced a Void guardian. I laid into it with at least three mighty blows, and it called upon Chaos to heal its wounds as the elemental-like tendrils drove our group back. We failed to destroy it, as the six of us that managed to enter the Void shard were not all powerful enough -- an elf of limited adventuring experience decided to fling herself in after us, as did several others who were all better with blade than with spells. Healers would be NEEDED for an attempt to destroy the Guardian.

Vanguard of the Crimson Storm



Would you be willing to speak with me further on this at the next gather? There is an elf from the lands of Moria seeking answers which you might have for her.

- Sevaria of Goshawk


Certainly. And rumor has it that this Morian elf makes excellent pies, of which I suspect she would be willing to indulge you--

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! A field trip!!!! This Vandlar place sounds like a heck of a good time. Whoever finds the Shard do send me a message, I have some people you might want to meet. And if no one has been bound to it yet....I could always use another. Last one to the Void Shard is a rotten ghoul?



What do you mean, bound to a Void Shard? And is this good or bad for the bind-ee?

~Lilliana Soliere


Gettysburg Staff
Ahh Lilliana.

Excellent to see your thoughts here as well as the dream realm of my Kingdom.

To answer your question, the effects of a Void Shard upon its host are very, very good. Not quite maddening heights of power, but close. You'll see soon enough, I promise.


I believe I am familiar with your work, if I am placing your initial correctly. Should you choose to travel to Vandlar, please come see me. I will be in Porthaven. You may have a small bit of difficulty getting there, but try not to kill any of my subjects.

Alas, the Void Shard here has already found a companion. If you'd like I could transform you into a ghoul... but I have several other options you might wish to avail yourself of instead. Let me know.

King Mordaki Cadvan

E. is Emilio Barringer, a known necromancer now transformed by the power of a void shard into an unsual form of undead which many are calling a spectral lich.

We have seen repeated incidents now in which void shards are bound to living beings, immediately turning them into varied forms of greater undead without further need for ritual. What's more these void bound creatures evidence power far beyond other known necromantic beings, and do not seem to share the weaknesses commonly associated with their base forms.

I must caution you not to treat with Emilio or his allies, and I must again caution all as to what information they post on our tavern walls or disperse through the dream. This is not a place to banter with our enemies. Any sensitive materials should be kept strictly to in person meetings or private messengers.

Should any void bound abomination be encountered within one of the Bastions the local authority is to be notified immediately and all arms are to be immediately raised.

In faith,
Nicodemus Ravenseye