Request on Answers (Moved from Marshal Discussion)


Hey, just a request: When answers DO get posted here, it would be delightful if there could be some content or even rationale included in those answers. Why is that the answer? Is there a rule we can look at to see that answer for ourselves? Is this a ruling based on the intent of the rules or has some text been overlooked? Especially given that we can't reply with follow up questions (not discussion, I understand the intent here), it would be great to have as much of the work shown as possible. It would also be great to find out if this is something that needs to go to ARC, if it's an actually thing that should be clarified in the written rules, etc. Thank you.


Chicago Staff
I think your post was read and digested. Its a good point in general to remember for rules discussion.

Not sure there was anything to respond to in this case. Hence there has not been much discussion.

I think a general issue with some rules questions is the answer comes from a breadth of knowledge of game culture, and having read the probably couple hundred ARC clarifications over the years. Its hard to quote a page, paragraph, sentence in those cases. But does not make the answer given any less correct. I also think with the several updated variations of the rulebook over the last 3 years has made it even more difficult to give good specific answers as its from memory.

I personally truly hope once 2.1 is launched and we have a properly finalized rulebook and players guide the ability of marshals to tap on a page will dramatically improve.


I think the reason I dislike that answer is that it gives no opportunity for learning. If an answer comes from game culture, that's very different than it coming from one of the two books. If it's not in the rulebook but is in an ARC clarification, that's also good information.

When a novice comes to me and says "Can I do this thing?" and the only answer I can give is "One guy said no in the forums" that's a terrible answer, especially when I can't even give a hint as to what the rationale might be.