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  1. airkshil

    airkshil Artisan

    If you would like to help us better understand our place in this new world and you don't have anything to do until the next gathering, please let me know either here on the dreaming or in private. There are several areas of research or people to talk to that would benefit us greatly.

    Zen Mallowbrooks
  2. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    Perhaps list them here which you're thinking, as it will be simpler to see and assist if there is a starting point. Example, there are 6 guilds people could look into and explore to get something from this new land.

    Seekers Guild
    Slayers Guild
    Magicians Guild
    Aristocrats Guild
    Merchants Guild

    - Cass
  3. Dragonblade

    Dragonblade Scholar

    with all the different guilds it would be hard to decide which one you best fit into..

  4. airkshil

    airkshil Artisan

    Cass, good idea. Here's a few suggestions for things you could look into for each guild.

    Seekers Guild - look for vaults or other items that could help the adventurers or the freedom coalition. Evodir's vaults apparently contain a lot of powerful magics, including the mist gate we used to come here. I want to know what else is in there.
    Slayers Guild - investigate possible monster threats that may pose a problem in the near future. There are certainly going to be other threats for us to contend with in this land and the Slayer's guild should have the best ideas of what they might be.
    Magicians Guild - investigate the capital walls to see what magical defenses they used to hold and how we might reactivate them. We might need to use those walls again soon and the royalists seem keen to break them down. I'd like to know why
    Aristocrats Guild - see what connections you can make? (Someone who talked to them might have a better idea of what they might offer us)
    Merchants Guild - identify the main supply lines Tilmere is using right now so we know where we need to fortify them. I do not want Tilmere to lose access to the supplies it needs for its people to live. Also, it may be good to look for alternate supply routes just in case.
    Militia - check the conditions of their forces. How battle ready are they? Are they just conscripted farmers or actual trained militiamen? Do they have dedicated healers and casters among them or do they need magical support? I'd like to have an overview of their force if at all possible.

    Here are a couple other random things to look into if the guilds aren't your thing. I feel like a library somewhere is good place to look but maybe there's a person to ask too.

    Look into the guardians of other countries - what are their names and how do they benefit their people?
    Research powers of evodir - we know that he empowered the royal family somehow, but we know almost next to nothing about Evodir themself.
    Research powers of past queens and kings - again, we know that they were empowered by the guardian somehow but nothing specific.

    If you have any other ideas you want to look into, please do that. This is really for people who want to help but don't know where to get started. Feel free to ask questions or makes suggestions here or privately

    Zen Mallowbrooks
  5. DracoIam

    DracoIam Rogue

    The Solar Sickness plague needs looking into.

    As well as the undead ick, figuring out how we can safely search and despose of bodies would be great. We know a cure disease potion will cure it in early stages. Perhaps having only one person touching undead will cut down on resources needed. Gloves may also be helpful. And everyone should remember to clean their weapons after fighting undead. And most importantly No Weapons on the tables. It's gross. I eat on those.

    We need to find a cheep economical way to safely despose of necromancy items without tainting the land. Kallith has graciously allowed me to use his cannibalistic potion workshop for the potions we had found so far, but magic item disposal may be needed in the future.

    - Gerty the Gruntuled
  6. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter

    Gloves do not help with the blighted undead!

  7. airkshil

    airkshil Artisan

    Locke is already looking into the Solar Affliction, which is why I omitted it from the list, but I'm sure she could use some help if people were interested. The blighted undead definitely deserve some attention. The magicians guild often take care of necromancy and undead in these lands so that may be a good place to look into that.

    I also asked the magicians guild about a way to dispose of necromantic items but they did not have one.

    Zen Mallowbrooks
  8. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    I’m looking into the supply lines and dealing with providing more protection for them.

  9. Zihr

    Zihr Newbie

    I will be looking into local nobility and to see if we can make some connections with them.

  10. Roff

    Roff Newbie

    I’ll be getting deployed for a bit and I’ll work on gathering some more information for everybody on the status of our troops.
    -Sargent Roff
  11. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Adept Marshal

    Hrm... Perhaps a creature without a metabolism would be useful in this matter of disease ridden undead. I've been looking to do some construct research anyway. Does anyone have a construct scroll I might purchase?

  12. Emma B

    Emma B Newbie

    I'll try to make contact with the Seekers Guild. I don't believe I ever saw them in town this past market.

  13. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Squire Owner Chicago Staff

    I am researching at the library. And exposing the people to good chocolate.

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  14. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    Unless anyone has anything they would like me in particular to look into, I'm going to research the armor we found in Fort Mirkworth. It may not have been magical, but I'm certain that thing has some historical or other significance if the golems were that keen on retrieving it.

    ~ Gandian
  15. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    Was anything learned or discovered late Saturday? After the Coalition came in and spoke to Baron Fairfax I and a few others left for the night. Any other request by them?

  16. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Adept Marshal

    The Coalition dropped by to give us some payment for our help. I think Zen has a list of most of the things, but I think Gandian has all the actually stuff we were given.

    - Ragnarok
  17. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    Correct, I have the rewards from the Coalition and will be posting a full list of details soon about that.

    ~ Gandian
  18. Roff

    Roff Newbie

    Zen, off the bat i can tell you that there is a combination of highly trained militia but also some commoners fighting along side. Soldiers do have some healers within there ranks but also have a lot of coordination with the magic guild with a lot of members encompassing both guilds and at many points the magic guild providing members to help out when needed that are not nessecarilly soldiers themselves.
    Hopefully this saves us a little energy in our studies.
    -Roff Aloutte rallentine starshine
  19. Auryn

    Auryn Newbie

    I intend to talk to the aristocracy and the seekers guild. I am also looking to set up a teahouse for diplomatic negotiations.

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