Resist Destory Magic and Spirit Locks

Discussion in 'Marshal Questions' started by Tantarus, May 15, 2019.

  1. Tantarus

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    With the change to permanent duration to add a Spirit Lock I am trying to figure how it works. There are some things that are really unclear to me how they resolve.

    Example: I have earth spirit rituals, including a Resist Destroy Magic. I am hit by a dragon magic, Destroy Magic Earth target sword. I have a Permanent Sword which is default spirit locked now. Spirit Lock means the DM affects my sword and spirit. Can I resist it with the Resist Destroy Magic on my spirit? Does this save my sword as well?

    If I have a resist DM on my sword, Does that resist it fully and mean it doesn't hit my spirit rituals as well?

    What if the Sword is Celestial and would not be effected by the DM earth, does my spirit still get hit by it?
  2. Draven

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    1st Scenario) I would interpret this as your RDM on your Spirit would negate a part of the DM, and therefore negate it all (that’s a staple of our system). However, this is being discussed on the Marshal private board right now.

    2nd Scenario) Yes. This would stop the DM, and thus it wouldn’t be able to also hit your Spirit.

    3rd Scenario) No. An Earth DM cannot hit a Celestial Lock, so it cannot travel to your spirit, either.
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  3. Ragnarok

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    To give you an update, the matter is currently being discussed by the ARC and we are waiting to hear their ruling.
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