Result' of the Tournament'

Air Raksa

The Shi-Shigai-Ken Dojo was proud to host an impromptu tournament this past gather. On this occasion the prize' were sponsored by the good grace and honor of the Shebanu-Nightmare Hunter'. We thank you for your past and continuing support.

The first competition was a Survival-style "Hero'-Battle"; involving one-on-one combat. A contestant would remain in the Gladiator Circle and see how many victory'-in-a-row they could attain before their eventual defeat. Their opponent' randomly opted-in and so there was no way to refresh yourself or prepare for your next enemy. This competition excluded all form' of Alchemy and Spell-casting. Damage Aura' and Arcane Armor were permitted. Any re-entry of a contestant would restart their "Streak" and so it was only wise to do if you were not ranked currently in first, second or third place. Ties were settled with a "Tie-Breaker" match which followed at the end of the Competition.

Many adventurer' competed... too many to name from memory actually. On the next occasion the Dojo will be better prepared to record the event, hopefully in it' all it' entirety.

The prize' were as follow': An unidentified magic item, an amethyst gem and a new ritual-quality reagent.

-The Winner'
With 6 Victories - 1st Place Auric of the Black Forest
With 5 Victories -2nd Place Santet of the Arkelian Hunt
With 5 Victories -3rd Place Tieran Oza of the Protectorate of Silverfell

On the next occasion there will be two Bracket' of Competition, so as not to exclude adventurer' who are not as seasoned from the chance to earn prize'. All who entered did so with great honor... although Gilwing of the Black Forest and Tieran Oza of Silverfell displayed "deep familiarity" and the "rarity of their long relationship" with their hilarious pre-battle display of kicking sand all over one another. No one doubted their excellent blade-skill throughout the tournament. Thank You Gilwing of the Black Forest for your assistance in arranging a format for the Tournament which would not take forever to decide.

Although Protection Aura' were unfortunately in use during the Tournament, we can not exclude those fortunate enough to possess such ritual' linked to their spirit. Every consideration: including honorably providing appropriate weapon' will be attempted in the spirit of fairness during these display'. Competitor' are prohibited from leaving the confine' of the circle of their own volition: this will result in a disqualification or "Ring Out".

The next competition was a Bracketed-Elimination Spell-caster' Tournament. Many adventurer' competed. Due to the complex nature of magic in Barran, this competition was made hard to predict. With each of the citizen race' suffering from bizarre magical "mutation'", few present truly understood what each other were capable of. Clearly this presented some participant' with an advantage over other' that did not possess knowledge of their opponent' weakness'. The Spell-caster' were permitted to use their Memorized Spell', High Magic, Enhanced and Greater Wand' and natural ability'. No magic item', alchemy or weapon' were permitted to be used. In the future; the Staff will be an exception although it may not be used to strike a fellow contestant. All School' of Magic are permitted and welcome to be displayed... at your own peril. Adventurer' of the same reputed Team were not permitted to compete against one another, interest of not allowing unfair "carrying" of the more proficient into the "Higher Prize Bracket" final-battle.

The prize' were as follow'; A Mass Expanded Enchantment Ritual Scroll (of local magical origin), An unidentified magic item, a large emerald gem and a new ritual-quality reagent. Thank You Squire Kade of Kosmara for your assistance in officiating these contest' and helping to arrange the random bracket'.

The Winner'
1st Place Gebous of the Arkelian Hunt
2nd Place Drakonios of the Black Forest
3rd Place Roman of the Arkelian Hunt
4th Place Grub of the Misfits

3rd and 4th Place will henceforth be referred to as "The Lower Prize" bracket, as none who enter are "loser'" having displayed such character, honor and skill. Roman of the Arkelian Hunt and Grub of the Misfits only settled their bout after three rematch'; having simultaneously incapacitating each other in previous attempt' to decide a victor.

The Dojo will be proud to see to future contest' and welcome' all idea', comment', criticism' and question'. Please contact me privately. The sport'-phenomena created in the Deadland' known as "Blind-Archery" was suggested, although we must obviously seek a larger venue to properly permit such an activity. Also the Dojo is interested in finding future sponsor' for the prize' of these festivity': as to not unnecessarily deplete the resource' of any one institution. Due to the nature of the Gladiator Ritual Circle, no skill, spell or talent was "wasted" in these "game'' and we welcome all friend' of the civilized people' of Barran in good standing to attend and participate.

Thank You All Contestant' who participated and Good People who came to spectate. It was a great honor seeing you all compete and competing beside you ;with the sense of brevity and good will toward' your fellow'. Gambling will not be discouraged at these contest' and the Dojo eagerly seek' vendor' of food and drink to make their seasonal good' available to all who attend. Please contact me privately.

With Deep Respect
Shihan Santet Menggosok Tarang
of the Dojo Shi-Shigai-Ken


Alliance Rules
Gettysburg Staff

I am most honored to be included in your dojo's tournament and hope once more to be honored by defeat at your hands.



Alliance Rules
Gettysburg Staff
It is always an honor, Santet.