Review: April "Re-Luxing Weekend" event

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1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
5. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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1. I really enjoyed the whole weekend. I’m glad I hopped over to the PC side of things!

2. I felt that the afternoon was really slow. I only went on one mod in the morning then nothing until after dinner. It would be nice if more instamods could go out when there isn’t enough time to send off lairs or fay runs so that there is something else to do.

3. See #2

4. Rohnan watched from as the button on the top of the blue box was pressed. With a flash of light her world was distorted. She could see those who were with her try and shout but no one could hear. When she looked around her, two worlds appeared to be fighting for dominance. The buldings of the lux were both in ruin and brad new.

Doors were in passable and walls were only and illusion as we made our way back towards the populated section of the lux. Bright spots clouded my vision and I could only hear the smallest of wispers. Around us shades passed by and ignored us until we came across creatures that attacked us. Claws dug in deep as I saw what was left of the world slowly slip into black.


1. -Finally getting a chance to lead a mission! And I feel like I didn't completely **** it up!
-Sorta-kinda being one of the higher ranking members in the Sanctum feels kinda cool
-Seeing some old friends come back to game always warms the heart
-The one lair that went out that turned into a town fight was fun (and I'm only a little biased on that)
-Robin as the Dryad killed it!
-Starting an hour later on Saturday
-Players starting to share the wealth/spread the power with rituals and magic items.

2. -The weather kind of sucked.
-The damn beeping in our cabin
-The flow of the event felt... off? It felt like lots happened, but at the same time felt like not much was going on.
-The lack of lairs/fae runs
-Needed more NPCs wandering though, it felt like it was only Elspeth.
-After the Al'Zoon reveal on Saturday evening, it felt like things just kinda stopped? One more mod, no NPCs coming out (that I noticed)
-Starting an hour later on Sunday. Leaves less time for mods
-Lots of people leaving early leaving clean up for only a few.

3. Lairs, NPCs, fae runs, town fights,
4. Ruki followed behind Phesos, with his rag tag group of adventurers in tow. He had suddenly been thrown into a position of power and he didn't want to mess it up. But at the same time, these people were depending on him, their lives in his hands. Now wasn't the time to over-think....

5. I think we're ok here?


1. Saving the butterfly, the two realms at once mod on Sunday, the weight of everything. Very little that happened felt like filler everything felt pretty important and somewhat high stakes. Oh, and when the wind(Cory) started to laugh when someone handed calan a key containing a life spell.
2. Basically everything on Saturday night going off all at once right after dinner. Those of us doing dishes compleatly missed out on what happened. Had there been more mods after this ones it wouldn't have been a big deal but there was really only one more mod that happened after that.
3. Random town fights. The mods that accedentally turned into town fights we're great. It gets people working together. Also when they happen at weird times for no apparent reason it makes the event seem less formulaic. It's nice to feel like anything can happena at any time.
4. Calan marched forward with his hand on Mal's shoulder;over the last few months sound was a big part of how he navigated the world around him right now in this moment his hearing was failing him. He could scarsly hear Mal,. Calan was feeling frustrated, and worried that this too was going to be permanent. Calan didn't have long to worry about this because before long he was fighting for his life slashing at whatever it was that was hitting him.


1. Bubbles with Luna!
--Undead mod that turned into a town fight
2. Meetings always taking place when I'm doing dishes
--slipping in mud and hurting my good knee, having to leave early
--swirly mazes
3. Random town fights, random NPCs
4. This Fae wants to give us food in exchange for showing it bubbles? don't trust the food. why is she making such a deal about the bubbles? Bubbles! pop, pop, pop! more bubbles!
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