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  1. Brandon

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    Good afternoon,

    Myself, and a pair of my friends are looking for a ride to game site from the Minnesota train station and back after game. We come into the station at 07:43am on that Friday (9/22), and leave 22:20 (10:20pm) Sunday (924).

    Now we are happy to hang out, actually very interested in checking the city out (so if you're willing to hang out and show us around that would be cool too). But are willing to wait for when people are available later in the day. The ride to game doesn't need have to be the same as the ride from game, nor does it have to be people willing to hang out either.

    Please let me know so that we can work out plans. We are more than happy to provide gas money and pleasant company. Nor does it have to be all one person, if we need three people to carpool us up there that's fine too.

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  2. Kevar

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    I can vouch for these being some cool folks!

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