Riposte should be a stealth skill.


I have been saying for a while that Riposte should be stealth not martial. And after playing a rogue this last playtest I am pretty convinced. Rogues can trigger it far easier with evades or dodges. That means rogues have roughly 2.5x the ways to trigger it then a fighter of the same level. Also rogues get far more benefit from it as it removes positional issues with their strikes.

It is really annoying that it is such a good skill for rogues, better then it is for fighters, I think, but it does not give you stealth xp for prereqs. That just feels off. And sets you behind on assassinates and such for getting it. Or perhaps it should give prereq for the type of prereq used to buy it at the very least? Or just make a rogue version of it for simplicity?

Am I alone in thinking this?


Seattle Staff


That would be fine too, losing 20+ prereq in stealth when buying a skill with stealth prereqs just feels wrong.