Resolved Riposte: Stacking and Timing

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Hi, rules friends! I have a question about Riposte:

Let's say I get hit by two slays in a row, back to back. I want to use two Ripostes. Would I have to order them "Evade - 150 silver! Evade - 150 silver!" OR would I be able to call "Evade Evade - 150 Silver! 150 Silver!"

My intuitive verbal response is "Evade evade!" then making the two big Riposte swings. But I'm not sure if that's technically allowed???

I'd also be interested to hear clarification on the timing restrictions - how long between being hit and calling a defensive? And how long between defensive and riposte?

(I am making a Riposte Drill video for Healthier Heroes content, and wanna make sure I speak to these things clearly. Thanks!)


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
Each defense must be called within three seconds of being hit. Each Riposte must be called within three seconds of calling the defense. As long as both those rules are followed, it doesn't matter which order you call your attacks and defenses in.

In general, when you see the word 'immediately' we consider that to be within three seconds.
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