[.11] Riposte Triggers

So after reviewing the skills it became clear that whole Riposte is a Martial skill it is triggered by 1 Martial skill and 2 Stealth skills.

I wonder if it might be worth altering to add Resolute and/or Mettle to the triggers.

The fantasy of being a tough Fighter who when near death almost becomes more dangerous is compelling to me.

"Resolute, 500 Body! Resolute 500 Body!”

Ok, maybe we leave hulk alone over there...



I do think fighters should get one more skill to riposte off of. Mettle is ideal because it is basically the fighter version of evade, yet clunky cause it is mostly used against ranged attacks.

I will say I do like the idea of berserk dying fighter... That is pretty epic in ways. Though will get tiresome on npcs...