Ritual casting helper


Hello All,

So I have been working on a 2.0 Magic Item/Ritual Planner. It is a modification of some of the conversion documents. The yellow fields are the ones to edit. Some are drop downs and link to other pages and fill in other areas. To use I suggest making a copy on you gdrive and for each new batch make a copy of the template tab.

I am open to feedback and corrections



Gettysburg Staff

I had been working something similar with drop downs for the manipulations, where it would then tally everything up and calculate how many high magic levels you need to dump into ritual casting, but I got sidetracked into a different spreadsheet. Lol


You can do that manually with this one. The one thing I have not decided how I want to do it is quicken casting to have it reduce the casting time colum. For now I just do it on the row below and put in the total times used 1-4.