Ritual Casting PSA


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With the introduction of LCO rituals a couple of years ago as well as an increased interest in ritual casting and Formal Levels due to High Magic, we've gotten a lot more ritual casting going on in Seattle and Oregon than we used to. For some time we've asked that PC marshals be asked first if there's no Plot specific requirements to reduce the load on our limited NPC marshals, which has helped, but also results in PC marshals being pulled out of game for hours at a time when they had not necessarily planned on it.

We'd like to ask players to try and plan their batches ahead of time if they're intending on casting anything more than 3 rituals at a sitting. We're not going to do hard enforcement of this, but please consider it a friendly request from your Marshal team. Specifically, if at all possible work with the Marshal team and/or Plot to try and find an appropriate time to cast. In general finding a marshal involves just walking up to one of us and asking if we're available; arranging someone ahead of time and/or with a time in mind can help enormously.

In addition, if you're going to be casting more than 6 rituals, we'd like to ask that you try and set up an additional Marshal to swap out partway through the batch. With 5 minutes pure casting time per ritual in addition to the holds and buffer between rituals means that it ends up taking about 1 hour per 10 rituals. That's a lot of time for a Marshal to take out of their game to help you with your batch, so please keep that in mind and work with us to ease the load.

Thank you,
Bryan Gregory
Alliance Seattle Head of Rules


Can you repost this in Oregon?


Seattle Staff
This isn't an Oregon policy, I believe, so if the Oregon HoR wants to use it, he'd have to post it. Ask Cymric if he wants to employ it?


I know there is ALOT I need to learn, but I have interest in gaining the knowledge to become a ritual martial and would be glad to help out with non-plot stuff if I am able to grasp the required knowledge to pass the tests.