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Hey guys, I'm going to be doing my first ritual at this next event and I wanted some pointers on how to fill 10 minutes. I have some basic ideas, but I am open to anything at this point. It's weird, resurrections are easy, but a ritual seems much harder even though its the same amount of time.


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Be vocal! For 10 minutes, find something that relates to your character or the magic you're channeling and CALL UPON IT. Depending on the ritual and if there are others in the circle I like to interact with them, make them part of it as well. Another helpful tip is bring props into it to use.

Otherwise really easy tricks are to talk about each Component in a way that alters/channels the ritual for 30 seconds. 5 comps? that's 2.5minutes there. Talk about the ritual itself for a minute. Call upon the aspect another minute, and so forth! The more entertaining your rituals, the more I've found people want "you" to cast their stuff.


Another thing that can be done is if you're using props, set the props up as part of the 10 minutes (and work with your ritual marshal in advance as some can be very picky about the auto-backlash "loses possession or sight of the ritual scroll or any of the components"). I'm pretty lenient in that department and will err on the side of allowing people to do cool things during rituals, but it can be taken to mean you can't even turn your head away from the items. So, explain what you want to do with your marshal beforehand and ask, for example, if closing your eyes to pour the fake blood over your face would cause an auto-backlash (I may have a love of the macabre and melodramatic...)


I like using science.

  • Black lights plus fluorescent or UV reactive materials/inks. Note: Highlighter fluid is extremely UV reactive if you don't want to spring for the specific UV invisible inks.
  • Using a mortar and pestle to grind some eggshells, then mix with vinegar. Filter the solution to then mix the resulting liquid with ethanol (190 proof everclear works). Light on fire.
    • Creates a colorless flame. May need other things to create a visible flame.
    • Warning: Due to the colorless flame it is easy to burn yourself
    • I like using paper/wood materials soaked in various chemicals to create different color flames (blue, green, orange, red)
  • Engage fog machines
  • Use ferrofluid and magnets
  • 1 part baking soda, 4 parts sugar, is a slow-growing carbon snake when set on fire (I recommend getting a metal bowl, fill with sand, soak with lighter fluid, and pour the baking soda / sugar into a pile in the middle). Takes about 10 minutes.
  • LED lights
  • Flash paper/powder is always fun
  • Dry ice
Also, general nonsense chanting and erratic movements can add to the ambiance.

You can also incorporate other RP actions, such as telling your target to drink something or draw something (on yourself, on the target, on paper, etc.) or hop on one foot. Or if by yourself, perform the extraneous actions yourself. I have incorporated ritualized meals, ritualized booze consumption, ritualized markings, etc. Use props and make-up. Fake blood for cutting to use "blood magic", ritual bathing/cleansing, "magical smithing tools" to mimic forging the eldritch energy, etc.

I also like using an hourglass. It helps keep time/tempo.

A couple colleagues like to create custom sound effects to play on a laptop/tablet/phone, such as thunder cracking, disembodied voices chanting, etc. If you create the effects to be specific lengths you can put in explicit sound effects to act as markers for you.
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If you don't want to go as advanced, you can also pick a more basic ritual style. I usually tailor it to the character I'm playing. I have wooden dominoes that I set up for rituals for my main and knock them down at the beginning of the ritual. I will also involve games or involve card castles while being very deliberate with my movements. I know someone who did a modified version of Tai chi. Mixing coloured liquids in test tubes works.

Basically, I think finding something that is personal to your character is best. Have fun with it!


I like having a personal interpretation for how magic works, and having my ritual express that interpretation.

Chanting, improvised sounds by stamping my feet, clapping my hands, making guttural sounds like an ancient language, etc.

I’ve seen people use various instruments, play digital audio files from a concealed speaker like the sound of a thunderstorm, dry ice, etc.

A ritual casting can be as artistic as you’d like it to be. In my opinion, it’s a performance of your own making.