Ritual Manipulation: Terminate Ritual

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There appear to be two interpretations regarding this Manipulation, as unlike most other Manipulations, its effect doesn't get activated unless the ritual Goes Wrong.

Jimmy Jackson knows he's casting four Cloaks, and he preps two Terminates for Cloaks. He informs the ritual marshal that he has a Terminate for Cloak, and casts his first Cloak.

Nothing goes wrong, but is the Terminate still considered used? Is it essentially an insurance policy for that single casting? If Jimmy has no reason to Terminate the casting, can he use that Terminate for a later one?

My interpretation was that, like other Rituals, it's considered used for a single casting, even if the user has no reason to Terminate. But the rulebook isn't clear on that.

This answer will likely apply to Second Chance, as well.


As noted in Ritual Manipulation:

"This tag must be handed to the ritual marshal along with all other requirements for casting the ritual when it is cast."

Or, to put it another way, when casting a ritual, there's a point during the initial Hold at which the Caster should tell the Ritual Marshal "I'm using X, Y, and Z manipulations on this. Here's the Ritual Manipulation tags (alternatively, look at me crossing the circles off on my battleboard)". At that point, as the Ritual starts, the Manipulations are considered used, whether or not they're actually invoked.

-Bryan Gregory

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