[.11] Ritual Manipulation?


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Maybe it's not in this for the .11 playtest, but since it's a weekend there is bound to be someone casting a ritual to test things out.

Is there anything on new Ritual Manipulations, or is that removed? It sounded like True Empower is gone and with "Channeling" being a skill now there might not be a need for high levels of Formal anymore (mostly for manipulations like TE, Terminate, etc) above whatever difficulty the new rituals are.


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South Michigan Staff
True Empower isn't removed.

Playtest Packet said:
Some updates are being made to Ritual Manipulation High Magic. The Choose Flaw option is being slightly revamped, as its existing options have been abused in some places and need to be updated; specifically, the ‘half damage from element’ option will be removed. True Empowerment and Terminate Ritual will also be reviewed and adjusted to make sure they are in line with their intended usage.
Rather just the crazy powerful flaw part.

@Polare (or another arc member) might be able to provide more details about what True Empower will turn into.


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True Empower will likely (this is still up to ARC) still give 5-day temporary effects, but will no longer give long lasting flaws that copy ritual effects. Please keep in mind that, again, this is up to ARC for the final version of 2.0 and is under discussion right now.


  • High Magic
    • Impromptu Ritual
      • The caster may use this High Magic to cast a ritual without the use of a Circle of Power. One ritual per purchase of the High Magic. All rules related to the Circle of Power are ignored, and any Flaw or Backlash that affects anyone inside the Circle of Power instead affects anyone in a 10 foot radius. The Target of the ritual must remain within 10 feet of the Ritual Caster. (Yes, this would allow a ritual to be cast on the move, but the caster still needs to concentrate and all other automatic backlash rules apply)
    • Delay Backlash
      • The Ritual Caster may continue to cast the ritual if an Automatic Backlash is triggered. The rest of the Ritual is conducted as normal, including determining if the ritual is Successful, and the Backlash is resolved after the ritual is completed. Only one Automatic Backlash is delayed per purchase. This has the potential for a Ritual to generate multiple Backlashes. The exception is if the Ritual Caster cannot see the Ritual Scroll for longer than 10 seconds, in which case the ritual ends and all accumulated Backlashes manifest. In the case of a Circle of Power expiring or being destroyed in the middle of the casting this is treated similar to the Impromptu Ritual High Magic, but still applies the Backlash at the end.
  • Ritual Manipulations
    • Improved Flaw:
      • If the Ritual rolls on the Flaw chart, and the result is "Ritual Failed", the caster may choose to roll a d10. If the result is 1-9, the ritual is considered Successful regardless of the Flaw rolled. However, the Flaw result is applied.
    • Improved Choose Flaw:
      • The Ritual Caster may choose a Flaw from the Ritual Scroll's Flaw Chart to apply to the outcome of the Ritual, ignoring the "Ritual Successful" or "Ritual Failed" text.
    • Cancel Flaw
      • If the Ritual rolls on the Flaw chart, the ritual succeeds or fails depending on the Flaw roll, but the caster may choose to cancel the rest of the Flaw.
    • Manifest Reagents
      • The Ritual is cast as if it has +5 additional Reagents then are actually present. The ritual still needs to have the minimum Reagents defined on the scroll for the lowest difficulty.


More examples:
  • High Magic
    • Contingency
      • A spell in memory may be stored within a Contingency High Magic that may be used upon meeting a specific condition. When the condition is met the Contingency automatically activates without either the Player or Character choice. Both the spell and condition are selected at Logistics. The spell stored is not available for casting, and occupies it's related spell slot until used or the High Magic expires. Only spells from Eldritch Force, Healing, Necromancy, and Protection/Enhancement may be stored. Conditions that may be selected are: When Body drops below a defined value; when affected by <school>; when <guard/return> is used. May be purchased once per 25xp spent in Scholarly Skills. Example: Weapon Shield is stored in a Contingency for when a Weapon Guard (such as another Weapon Shield) is used.
    • Arcane Channeling
      • Upon activating Arcane Channeling, the character may use the Qualifier "Arcane" for Channeling for 10 minutes.
    • Twin Spell Augmentation
      • A spell in memory may be Augmented through Twin Spell Augmentation to allow a caster to immediately throw the spell a second time within 5 seconds of activating the spell. The spell so augmented is defined at Logistics. May only purchase Twin Spell Augmentation once per 25xp spent in Scholarly Skills. A Twin Spell may not be the subject of any other Augmentation.
  • Ritual Manipulations
    • Pause Ritual
      • At any point in the ritual casting the Caster may pause the ritual. This pauses the timer and provides relief from the Automatic Backlash conditions preventing use of In-Game Abilities and requiring Concentration. All other Automatic Backlashes conditions are still in effect unless mitigated through other Ritual Manipulations or High Magic. The ritual may be Paused for up to 1 hour. If the pause lasts for longer than 1 hour the ritual Backlashes. A restarted ritual has a minimum of 1 minute to cast once restarted if it was paused with less than a minute remaining.
    • Twin Ritual
      • At the conclusion of the ritual the Target receives the effects of the ritual twice. May not be used for Summon rituals, Transform rituals, or unavoidable rituals. The ritual requires twice the number of Reagents and Catalysts when this Ritual Manipulation is used. A single Backlash effect is rolled from the Ritual Scroll after the ritual is concluded.