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  1. DiscOH

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    Can you stack Damage Auras?

    Is there a reason that Greater Wand can't be extended but Damage Aura can? (Does a wand count as a weapon for the purpose of damage aura?)

    Since golems die at 0 HP, does that mean a costly Master Construct ritual can be instantly rendered void by terminate?

    Bonus Question:
    Does Oak of the arcane inherent damage aura statistics on wand attacks?
  2. Alavatar

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    No. That includes not being able to stack a Damage Aura and a Monster Slayer/Race Reaver.

    ARC clarified here that Greater Wand may be Extended.

    Yes. Most players with Master Constructs have backup plans to account for that, such as Skill Store Dodge or Parry, or a friend to Parry for them.

    This question confuses me. Are you asking if Oak of the Arcane works on wands? All Oak of the Arcane does is allow you to use any Staff as a Wand for the Element chosen. It doesn't work on anything else.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. MaxIrons

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    Also, you cannot place wand rituals on a staff. Therefore you cannot have ritual benefits with your Oak of the Arcane usage.
  4. Draven

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    I believe the player is asking if Damage Aura on a Staff would convey Wand damage benefits when used with OotA.

    Which it does not, alas.
  5. MaxIrons

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    Thank you. I misunderstood.

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