Ritual Services for November Market


Chicago Staff
I am offering Ritual services for below. Let me know ahead of time if you'd like anything cast, ideally at least 4 days before the gathering. Please let me know if you require any of the following:

Ritual Magics:

1) Spellcrafting- 1.5g per level of focus and having the components supplied by you. Should you require components for it, we can come to an agreement. While I have some scrolls for spellcrafting, it would be wise to come prepared with a scroll you wish for me to use.

2) Ritual Casting- 1g per 5 minutes of rituals + 1g for each high magic you'd like used. Please provide all components, catalyst and scrolls. With 53 tomes of formal read, I can perform the below:
- True Empowerment (Adds an extra benefit to your ritual)
- Add Flaw
- Terminate (allows ritual to stop and start over if anything goes wrong)
- Reduce casting time
- various others

3) Study of Earthen Magic- I have the patience to teach two people high levels of Earth Magic to those seeking to further their studies. If you seek First Aid or Healing Arts, I will gladly find someone available to instruct you. Should no one be available, I will most certainly teach you. Likewise, Jamina is also available.

4) Ritual Scrolls, Catalyst and Component Workshop - Want to know local values of all things magical? Get educated on scrolls that are valuable and those that are rendered place mats. Free to anyone Saturdays during Breakfast.

Thank You,
Lord Asher Oakheart,


Lord Asher,

GRONK's gonna be needin' some castin' done, prolly a big ol' batch. We talked about dis a little already but I'll get you da specifics soon.



As per we talked. Would you be willing to do this Friday night so I can use it most of the event


Chicago Staff
Yes, it’s simple enough I can cast right away Bruisey.