Royal Decree from Queen Beah of Eire

Flyaway Bird

Citizens of Eire and the Bastions, Brothers and Sisters-at-arms,

Since the night we triumphed over our enemies I have had much to ponder. We mourn the loss and cherish the memories of many of our fallen heroes: Paladin Shareef, Baroness Eva Siridean, Sir Elandril Sáralondë, Sir Froer Onar, Captain Ruby Burrows, Lord Hurgen son of Grundi, Dame Cassandra Calais, Sir Dain Darkhammer, Lord Alistair Bennett, Chieftain Tor Mgambo, Dame Nasreen Chaudhry, Sir Zoh Fenn, Sir Anarion Taralom, Lady Yvonne Kovarion, Sir Boffin Tenpenny, Dame Nerys Laren, Lady Merenwen Elensar, Sir Cowolffrid Thegrundhun, Chieftain Talia Eagle-Eye, Paladin Victarion Crowe and my brother of the Hierophan, Ria Soonin Muvaka. Crowe and Muvaka personally sacrificed themselves that I may live, and so that we would survive the evils of that night.

Now that is over and the queen you have known is no longer, for in her place is a child born anew, tasked by the earth itself with the duty of a fledgling, errant knight. This knight sees many things in a different light, and while she must stand beside the decisions she has made and be grateful we survived, she realizes we have been too long struggling in mere survival. It is not enough to survive, for we must live and thrive. More importantly, we must be worthy of the lives with which we have been blessed. Such worth is gained through hardships, hardships you have all faced through blood, sweat and tears, and thus you have found your worthiness.

I seek such worthiness, and so I shall begin a journey in search of it, a pilgrimage into the heart of our lost world. Into the darkness and destruction of the Deadlands I shall travel.

You have among you a leader seasoned in the arts of diplomacy and war, scarred and hardened by battle, yet compassionate and wise beyond her years. She has fought beside you. She has lived among you and knows intimately the struggles you face. Yet still, she has the blood of monarch in her, the strength of king, the heart of a queen and the fortitude of a knight.

Therefore, on this day, in the 7th year of the Harvest, I do abdicate my thrown and crown to my eldest surviving daughter, Princess Arianne of Eire, who shall henceforth be known as the Queen Regent of the Kingdom of Eire.

I am forbidden by the ancient laws of our land to renounce my title as Queen, so it will remain, but in name only. Queen Regent Arianne will be crowned and observed from this day on as the high monarch of this land.

Such is my word.

Queen Beah of Eire
Ria of the Hierophan
Lord of the Harvest
By the blood of my heart I do give my loyalty and love to Her Majesty Queen Arianne of Eire.

In Trust,
Lord Nathaniel Galloway
Crown's Baron of Authenrai