Rules thread: Battles and such

Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
Every melee weapon will do one point of damage.

Bolts and arrows will do three points of damage.

Guns (nerf guns) will do five points of damage.

Instead of healers and mages, we will have chemists and scientists. The scientists can charge their science weapons to cast effects (such as lightning damage at two points per level) and the chemists can make gas globes which will expire at logistics (and which can heal and do other things) OR potions which will not. No spell pyramid but you still must have at least one level below to get the next level.

Instead of rituals, chemists will find formulas that, combined with ingredients, can create ritual-like things. Chemists who can do these "rituals" are called "doctor." Scientists find blueprints and components to create scientific devices. These people are called "professor."

No classes, so everyone can buy whatever skills they want.

You do not call damage during battle except for the lightning damage caused by the science weapons OR if a scientist has used his scientific skill to place a temporary lightning power on your weapon...

Fighters can buy skills like Slay (which acts as an Eviscerate), Parry, Dodge, Shatter and Stun Limb.

Note: all of this can change, so offer your comments and suggestions


Are the nerf guns just being used as a phys rep, or are we actually using them to shoot darts at each other? please say we are using them to shoot darts :D