[SAFE] Announcement Regarding Desky O'Houlihan

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Greetings all. It is my duty as a recognized lord of the land of Maelstrom to inform all who aid our cause here that the dark selunari, previously human, previously mystic wood elf, known commonly as Desky O'Houlihan is hereby exiled from the land of Maelstrom facing the punishment of Obliteration should he return.

His crimes are as follows:
- High treason.
- Reckless endangerment of the Maelstrom population (multiple counts).
- Reckless endangerment of the Maelstrom war effort (multiple counts).
- Insubordination leading to aforementioned reckless endangerment.
- Use of Enslavement alchemy.

When informed he was being placed under arrest and being brought in for questioning and a trial Desky hid inside his ward, and took two hostages (who are safe). When the stability of his ward was threatened he spirit recalled.

In my standing as a recognized lord of Tharros in the land of Enerret, as well as ambassador to Tharros from the Maelstrom, I will be informing the ruling members of that land of his crimes both as he is native to that land and in the event that he flees there. Once they have made a decision I will be updating this dream with their ruling.

Our population here in Maelstrom is small and rumors run rampant. I would prefer to counter that with direct information. The details of Desky's crimes are not private, so if you have any questions regarding the ruling please feel free to contact me.

In service,
Lord Terren of Knight's Ferry
Head Clerk
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Hello Terren.

I am currently in the middle of a previously scheduled business trip.

When I return to Tharos I'll be putting myself under protective custody of the state to avoid any more... extra-judicial sentencing (like the ones recently performed by a certain Sarr "Knight"). I will be happy to answer any questions you have at that time.

Until then,
May your travels be routine and profitable,
Desky "Desk Job" O'Houlihan
Greetings Desky,

I am pleased to hear it. I expect that will be the safest spot and most conducive to having this issue resolved. If you are willing to speak to me through dream prior to that gather, I would appreciate your telling of the events of your resurrection in Enerret. As far as I am concerned, that situation and the one in Maelstrom are two separate and unrelated incidents and both require dealing with. If you are willing to tell me the story ahead of time it will give me more time to look into the specific laws and standings within Tharros related to that death.

In service,
Lord Terren of Knight's Ferry
Lord Terren,

I would appreciate a more detailed account of Desky's crimes. I will be in the Maelstrom for this coming gather, the need is not pressing. I am sure we both have a myriad of other duties to attend to.

In Service,
Dame Marisa Silverrose Husarri Saephis
Lady of Moonstone Pass
This is not directed at you Dame but rather a general update to the dream based on some of the frequently asked questions I have been receiving. I will dream to you separately.

Desky O'Houlihan is not at large. His punishment is exile from Maelstrom. The Obliteration is the consequence for if he should choose to disregard his exiled status and return to Maelstrom. The Maelstrom is not seeking his apprehension and return.

As stated in my original dream, the governing bodies of Tharros are being made aware of the circumstances of his exile from Maelstrom. What they decide to do, if anything, is their own choice and I will simply be updating this dream when that decision is made so we all know what the outcome is, including if that outcome is inaction. This is an effort to make sure information is fully passed on and to stop the spread of rumor.

I am not personally seeking punishment or trial for Desky within Tharros based on these events, that will be for the authorities there to decide. I am a Lord there, not a sheriff, deputy, or other lawperson.

In addition, Desky's crimes within Maelstrom and his punishment are exclusively related to his actions within Maelstrom with the exception of the administration of the Enslavement. They are separate and distinct from other situations involving him and should not be conflated with each other.

As we have a gather coming up in Tharros I feel it is important to clearly and specifically state that, unless the authorities of Tharros decide otherwise, within that land Desky is a free man and attacks on his person will constitute assault.

In service,
Lord Terren of Knight's Ferry
Head Clerk
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Have there been any updates regarding this situation? And a small update would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hello Resete!

The situation in Maelstrom stands as it is. Desky was contacted and gave his side of things and work began on seeing if a change could be made to his sentence in Maelstrom. He is still a free man in the eyes of Tharros nobility until the nobility there tells me otherwise.

The last I heard (from Desky himself) was that the Wayfarer family of Enerret was taking him into their custody as a result of his race change, which seems more than appropriate. I don't know enough details of the Family, I'm only a Rai, so I would recommend contacting the elder Wayfarers for information about him from here on out- my responsibility where he is involved has been carried out.

In service,
Lord Terren of Knight's Ferry
Head Clerk
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