Safety and Weather Notes for the Oct 11-14 2018 Event

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    • Weather reports vary, but overall it's looking like daytime highs from 45-50 for Thu, Fri, and Sat -- and a dip down to 20-30 for Sunday while we're packing up. Some precipitation from light drizzle to maybe light snow is predicted as a small chance on Thursday. Snow is a possibility for overnight Saturday, and Sunday morning. Predictions currently vary from light snow to up to 8" overnight.
    • If there is snow: The steep hill up to the main campsite is better traversed by vehicles with 4WD. If you have 4WD and you can spare some time to help your friends get packed up, please volunteer at that time to help others out in ferrying their belongings down to their vehicle in the lower parking lot. (The Rat Mobile has 4WD, and I'm happy to help you out personally!)
    • Armor: At this time, we are following the usual rules of the game and requiring physreps for armor. If the temperature dips toward 20 on Saturday night, we will send word around if we decide that armor physreps are not required due to cold at that time... If you're traveling from a location with much warmer weather and not accustomed to these temps, please wear sufficient padding underneath your metal armor, even cheater chain, in temps like this!
    • Lights: This campsite is pretty dark at night. In particular there are ditches off to either side of the main road in the camp. The game will be marking these, and other safety hazards, with red glowsticks. If you see a stationary red glowstick onsite, it's for safety, please don't move it or take it. If it's red and looks like eyes and is moving toward you at speed, feel free to do what you need to do at that point. :) Nevertheless, if you're leaving the main town, I encourage you to bring a light with you for safety if you're not very familiar with this campsite.
    • Weapons: Many of the materials that we use to build boffer weapons can change consistency in the cold. Please hit yourself in the arm with your own weapons to check how yours are holding up. If someone tells you that you're hitting too hard, even if you think that you didn't -- it could be that the cold is amplifying the effects of your swings, and you're not aware of it. So even more than normal, please be a good little button and be courteous to others, don't swing so hard, apologize, and take breathers to calm down when needed after that super jerk was so rude to you! :) Please come see ME first, or any other trusted member of Alliance Denver staff if you have a safety qualm with another player.
    • Fire Ban: Country fireban, and "Jesse said" that includes the concrete firepit that is built-in next to the tavern. No fires are allowed onsite this weekend.
    • Camp propane heaters ARE allowed in your cabin.
    • Electric heaters, electric blankets: BIG NO. The electrical load that the cabins can handle is slight. If you'd like to continue having the luxury of electric lights, please do not chance even one single space heater or electric blanket in your cabin. Super sux, I agree, but let's just snuggle up in 10 more cozy blankets instead!
    • Extra blankets: Yes, please! Even if you think you won't need one - you might, and someone less well prepared around you sure will need them! Bring 'em along!
    TLDR: Be safe everybody! Be nice to each other! Stay warm! Don't burn down or blow up the site!

    Trace "Captain Safety" Moriarty
    Safety & Weapons Marshal
    Alliance Denver
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    Update: Weather reports have continued to be all over the place, but it's consistently predicted some amount of snow over Saturday night, and Sunday morning while we're packing up.

    We get internet service at this site (!) so game staff will be keeping our eye on the weather predictions. IF the weather seriously appears to turn for the worse, Plot developed an alternate event schedule to accelerate important story events to take place before the predicted start of snowfall on Saturday night. We will make announcements during the event as need be.

    Meanwhile - may I suggest packing some cat litter or sand for traction under your car wheels on Sunday morning if that's convenient. Pack boots appropriate for the snow. If you're super ambitious, 1 snow shovel that we can pass around wouldn't be the worst idea.

    This will be cozy and fun!!

    Captain Safety
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