Saturday Night Dinner

Saturday Night Dinner?

  • Beef stew w/noodles

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • Lasagna and garlic bread

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • Pot pies

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Something else

    Votes: 2 10.0%

  • Total voters
Hey guys, what are your thoughts? Which do you prefer? We're looking at these three possibilities for Saturday dinner...

Please let Jasmine know if there are any dietary restrictions due to lifestyle choices, allergies, etc.

These options are money permitting... we want your comments!


Chicago Staff
you guys already know my allergies right, I mean by now it should be apparent...

Onions and onion family foods (but onion powder is okay) and Strawberries (to be safe I stay away from most berries)


Public Relations Committee
I am good for all of the above I prefer pot pies because then I will not suffer from the itis. Like I did after turkey and good drool :p . Anways what ever is cheap and taste good is my vote.

I like lasagna or pot pies. I am allergic to kidney beans (including chili beans) and Jasmine doesn't cook with pennicilin does she?!
well it depends.... you going to pre reg? Cuz if you don't then yes... penicillin will be added to all foodstuffs :D

We are going to try to make a rotation of meals so that Lasagna and Garlic bread, yummy though it is, will come up every 3 or so events. For you guys this means an increased need to provide Jazmine with feedback on portionning, taste, etc. For plot team it means no more Lasagna Garlic breasd sandwhiches at 4:00 AM on sunday.... *sight* .



i personally dont eat nearly enough pasta so i absolutly love the lazana, but hommade next time!!!!!but it takes 4ever to make enough for four people let alone 20+

im never really a big fan of pot pies so my second would be beef stew.

and jess i didnt know you were allergic to kidney beens :oops:

Yep, allergic to kidney beans and pennicilin.

But I love lasagna, home made or other, but whatever's cheapest and easiest to make is fine by me, I'll eat just about anything.
I always love beef stew in any variety. =)