Scouting for the Duchess and Recruitment


Chicago Staff

It appears I will be the sole adventurer belonging to the Military Branch this coming market. In this regard we will need a team to go scout an area believed to be where her Grace is being held after her recent kidnapping. Not only this, but the war to the West has been long and brutal so far. Mercenary companies have joined the Hoblings and are leaving any morals behind. Civilians are being killed by these groups. One such group is the Serrated Fangs, a group of High Ogres.

The Military Branch could use a few recruits to help turn the battle around. If any incoming adventurer is looking to join the Military Branch, please seek me out next Market. We could use any and all aid. If you wish to aid without joining the Branch that is perfectly fine.

Squire Captain Cassandra Malvern


Squire Captain Cass

I would hope it does not need to be said, however I would rather be certain there is no doubt. Plan on my assistance in whatever capacity is needed.

Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky
Sworn Paladin to Baron Gibbs of the Eastern Territories


Squire Captain Cass,
I am interested in aiding the war and joining the military branch. Though Mira and I will only be able to spend a limited time at market this year as she is currently with child.
You can count on my bow for any military engagement that our current situation allows, and when time permits, a deeper commitment to the military branch.

Of No Particular Title to No Particular Land
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Chicago Staff
Always welcome Sir Zihr.

We’ll be lucky to have you Ax!



Soon as you know what kind of equipment is needed I'm available for orders. While you are scouting if you happen to engage the enemy please pay attention to any protectives or skills some of them seem to posses. I could send you out with an experimentation kit that would allow for each effect group to be tested.

-Gertrude The Gruntled Dwarf
Squire Cassandra,

I will gladly accompany you in this endeavor if I'm able. I do not think my time will allow me to join the military but I will take any opportunity to further the war effort. I cannot accept anything less of myself.

Courtier Zenia Mallowbrooks