Scrolls for Sale


(As the dream-messege filters in, Its simply an even-toned female voice)

Goodevening Enerret residents,

My name is Vira, I am from the realm called Acarthia and I am seeking trade opportunities in your realm as I heard there might be an interest. I am offering scrolls for coin, many varieties and a made-to-order basis via a mage contact local to your region. These are locally made, locally sourced from within Enerret and are proven quality. All scrolls are priced bundled with their necessary components.

Happily, it appears many will also travel to Maelstrom, Sadovia and Caliphestous. I suppose a common thread binds them in their cosmology.


Damage Aura

Elemental Aura

Monster Slayer

Spell Store

Channel Spell

Preserve Duration

Store Ability

Vision and Resonance are also available but only good in Enerret and Maelstrom.

- This is a select list, a large variety of other types can be done up as well. Just ask, I probably have it.

Trade options outside of coin may be considered on a limited basis- I could do with a few magic items myself but they must be able to cross realm. Scrolls too -Damage Aura and Channel Spell are on that list.

Please contact privately in the dreaming if interested to make arrangements for payment and delivery.

(OOC: Hola! looking to liquidate some goblin into coin : ) Basically how this will work is you send me the coin by some means worked out as agreeable and I can work with your plot team to deliver your order at check-in. Just PM me)
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In the distance a wild storm with flashes of blue lightning thunders above a small town. The storm is moving closer.

**OOG NOTE: This is a plot controlled effect in the dream lands. It does not prevent normal communication. If you wish to explore or interact in some way with this effect, please email brimmswatch at**